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Roblox Project Mugetsu Quincy Race Guide: How To Unlock And Abilities

Join the ranks of the Wandenreich with our guide on how to unlock the Quincy race and its abilities in Roblox's Project Mugetsu.
Roblox Project Mugetsu Quincy Race Guide: How To Unlock And Abilities

In Project Mugetsu, when you first enter the game, your character can belong to one of four races: Soul Reaper, Hollow, Fullbringer, or Quincy. The Quincy race, in particular, stands out as it's often overlooked but possesses abilities that can quickly become very powerful.

If you're unsure about which race to select and are curious about the Quincy race and its perks, you've come to the right place. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about the Quincy race, including how to unlock it and the abilities it grants to your character.

How To Unlock Quincy Race in Project Mugetsu

If you've opted to align with the Quincy faction at the outset of the game, be prepared for a substantial quest; it's not as straightforward as choosing the Hollow or Shinigami factions. Instead, you'll undertake several tasks, some with only a chance of success. This might seem daunting, but the effort pays off with the formidable abilities Quincies wield.

Project Mugetsu Quincy Race Guide
To join the Quincy race you'll need to perform a few tasks which when done successfully will grant you an audience with Yhwach who lets you join the race. (Picture: YouTube / SAGEz)

To embark on your Quincy journey from the game's start, follow these steps:

  1. Interact with Fresh, an NPC located near the Hospital in Karakura Town (only accessible as a Human).
  2. Fresh will instruct you to defeat a highlighted Shinigami enemy.
  3. Retrieve the key dropped by the defeated Shinigami.
  4. Use the key to unlock Room 9 in the Hospital.
  5. Obtain the Quincy Book from inside Room 9.
  6. Locate Douda behind the Hospital.
  7. Upon meeting Douda, you'll be transported to Hueco Mundo.
  8. In Hueco Mundo, speak with Tyrone.
  9. Tyrone will task you with obtaining a Hollow Mask by defeating a highlighted Hollow enemy.
  10. Collect the Hollow Mask and return it to Tyrone.
  11. You'll then be teleported to Yhwach to obtain Quincy's blood, with an 80% success rate.

Project Mugetsu Quincy Race Abilities Explained

Successful completion of this process grants you entry into the Quincy ranks and access to a set of initial abilities that you can unlock. While not the flashiest, these abilities provide a solid foundation to aid in your progression. Here are the abilities you can unlock upon becoming a Quincy for the first time:

Project Mugetsu Quincy Race Guide Abilities
Joining the Quincy race will grant you some base abilities to unlock. (Picture: Roblox)
  1. Shadow Mastery: 80
    • Price: 80K Yen
    • Cooldown: 85 Seconds
    • Mark your shadow on the map to teleport back, replenishing Reiatsu and HP.
  2. Geldschrank Mastery: 45
    • Price: 25K Yen
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Create a Reishi barrier around your enemy, causing explosive reactions within.
  3. Quincy Sword Mastery: 10
    • Price: 6.5K Yen
    • Cooldown: 0
    • Transform your bow into a sword.
  4. Shadow Gate Mastery: 5
    • Price: 500 Yen
    • Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    • Use your shadow as a gate to traverse between worlds (Wandenreich).
  5. Ginto Grenade Toss Mastery: 0
    • Price: 1.5K Yen
    • Cooldown: 23 Seconds
    • Throw a Ginto to create an AOE explosion.
  6. Ginto Gritz Mastery: 30
    • Price: 12K Yen
    • Cooldown: 35 Seconds
    • Emit Reishi from a Ginto to encase the enemy.
  7. Reishi Reinforcement Mastery: 70
    • Price: 50K Yen
    • Cooldown: 60 Seconds
    • Ensnare yourself and your enemy, draining their Reiatsu to fill your own.

So there you have it, a detailed breakdown of how to become a Quincy, as well as the abilities you'll gain once you fully join this race in Project Mugetsu. If you want some extra abilities, consider joining the Yhwach clan (if you can roll for it), as it grants you some powerful buffs, and as a Quincy, you gain some extra strength from it as well.