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How To Unlock The Menoscar Hollow Evolution in Project Mugetsu

Prepare for your first Hollow evolution as we show you how to unlock the Menoscar evolution in Roblox's Project Mugetsu.
How To Unlock The Menoscar Hollow Evolution in Project Mugetsu

As you progress through the evolutionary cycle of a Hollow in Roblox's Project Mugetsu, transitioning from your base Menos form to a Menoscar is not a straightforward leveling-up process. This complexity often leaves many players, particularly newcomers, curious about the mechanics of this next stage of evolution.

Fortunately, your quest for understanding concludes here, as we provide comprehensive details on the transition from a Menos to a Menoscar. In the following sections, we will outline precisely how to unlock the Menoscar Hollow evolution in Project Mugetsu.

Roblox Project Mugetsu: Unlocking Menoscar Hollow Evolution

The transition from the Menos hollow form to the Menoscar evolution in Project Mugetsu marks the second step towards achieving the powerful Vastocar form. To initiate this evolution, you must meet several requirements. Firstly, you need to be at least level 15 and have unlocked the Menos evolution by defeating and consuming other Hollows in Hueco Mundo until you reach 650 XP and level 5.

Project Mugetsu How To Unlock Menoscar Firs step as Menos
To reach the Menoscar level, you'll first need to become a Menos by reaching level 5 and gaining 650XP. (Picture: YouTube / zeke Y)

Once these prerequisites are met and you have transformed into a Menos, the primary requirement for the Menoscar evolution comes into play: completing a small mini-game. Fortunately, this mini-game isn't overly demanding. All you need to do is purchase the "Menoscar" skill from the shop. When you activate it, you must survive within the game for 52 minutes. During this time, it's crucial not to log off or die, as doing so will reset your progress.

To maximize your chances of success, avoid combat and simply wander around until the timer runs out. Once the timer expires, you will have completed the mini-game and gained access to your Menoscar form. This form comes with its own unique set of abilities and alters the appearance of your character from the large Menos form you were previously, serving as a stepping stone on your path to becoming a powerful Vastocar.


Project Mugetsu How To Unlock Menoscar mini game
To unlock the Menoscar form as a Menos, you need to reach level 15, obtain the Menoscar Skill, and survive 52 in-game minutes without interruption. (Picture: YouTube / zeke Y)

And that covers everything you need to know about the Menoscar evolution in Project Mugetsu. It's certainly one of the more challenging evolutions to navigate on your own, as the game doesn't provide explicit instructions for this step. However, armed with this knowledge, you're well-equipped to progress through the rest of the Hollow evolutions in Project Mugetsu.