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All Muzan Spawn Locations In Project Slayers

Do you want to know where to find Muzan in Project Slayers? We've got you covered! Discover all of Muzan's spawn locations right here!
All Muzan Spawn Locations In Project Slayers
Ouw0pp / Shueisha

Are you wondering where to find Muzan in Project Slayers? If so, you're in luck! From the eerie corners of Kapiwura Village to the secluded spots in Zapiwara Mountain, we've got every Muzan location in the popular Demon SlayerRoblox anime game covered right here!

With our comprehensive guide, you'll be able to find this elusive demon faster than you can blink! So gear up as we take you on an adventure to decode all the Muzan spawn locations in Project Slayers to enable your much-deserved demon transformation!

Note: This article is accurate after the Update 1.5. There is a slim chance that the locations might change in Project Slayers Update 2.

Who Is Muzan In Project Slayers?


Muzan Kibutsuji is a character from the anime and manga series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, created by Koyoharu Gotouge. In the series, Muzan is the first and most powerful demon, with the unique ability to transform humans into demons with his blood.

In Project Slayers, Muzan is a critical NPC character with a similar role. Players can find him at various spawn locations around the game map. Once found, players can interact with him to take on quests. One of his quests allows players to become a demon, just like in the series.

Where To Find Muzan In Project Slayers - All Locations

There are at least nine Demon King Muzan spawn locations in Project Slayers. You can find the spots this NPC will appear in the table below.

Muzan Spawn Locations Description Image
Kiribating Village #1: Yellow Tree From the Starter Village, follow the path to the left toward the fence. Muzan spawns near a distinct yellow-colored tree. muzan_location_1_kiribating_village_tree
Kiribating Village #2: Zapiwara Mountain Head out of Kiribating Village towards the Thunder Breather. Run up the ramps by a pink tree. Muzan is on one of the ledges directly under the Thunder Breather. muzan_location_3_kiribating_village_thunder_breather
Kiribating Village #3: Old Bridge After leaving Kiribating Village, go right and run up the wall until you see the Old Bridge. You will find Muzan spawned here.   muzan_location_2_kiribating_village_bridge
Ouwbuyashiki Residence Head to Ouwbuyashiki House. Muzan's spawn location is on the right side of the house. Be cautious of nighttime demons during your exploration. muzan_location_4_Ouwbuyashiki_house
Butterfly Mansion #1: Wilderness Leave the Butterfly Mansion and continue running straight. After a short while, turn slightly right. Muzan is at the top of top of a hill near Giyuu. muzan_location_5_butterfly_mansion_
Butterfly Mansion #2: By The Ramps Leave the Butterfly Mansion and take a sharp left. Continue running until you come across a series of ramps in a field. Muzan is at the top of the ramps. muzan_location_5_butterfly_mansion_2
Butterfly Mansion #3: Near Shinobu Muzan can spawn near Shinobu in Butterfly Mansion. muzan_location_5_butterfly_mansion_3_shinobu
Kapiwura Village On arrival at Kapiwura Village, head straight to the back of the buildings. Muzan's spawn location is in the corner of this village. muzan_location_6_kapiwaru_village
Near Slasher Demon Teleport to the Slasher Demon location. Follow the path leading away from the demon and climb up the wall. Muzan's spawn location is right by a tree. muzan_location_9_slasher_demon

Note: Muzan only spawns during the nighttime in Project Slayers.

And that's all! We want to thank the YouTubers Kingkade and ShisuiXI for detailing all the Muzan spawn locations in Project Slayers. If you are still struggling to find the Demon King, watch the video below for a visual walkthrough.