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How To Fish In Refinery Caves 2

Not sure how to catch fish in Refinery Caves 2? Let us show you how it's done!
How To Fish In Refinery Caves 2
Roblox via YouTube / ItzVexo

Need help to catch fish in Refinery Caves 2? You're not alone! While this awesome feature offers a chance to make extra money, lots of players seem to have a problem with the fishing mechanic in the game. But why should you be left in the dark? This guide will teach you how to fish in Refinery Caves 2—and it really could not be any easier! Let's get started!

How To Fish In Refinery Caves 2 Roblox

Before you can fish in Refinery Caves 2, you must grab a fishing rod from the Novabay utility convenience store. It's only 90 bucks, so you won't break your wallet. Now, head straight to the docks at the edge of the island and find a spot on the jetty. From there, you'll be all set to start catching fish.

catch fish refinery caves 2

All you have to do is equip your fishing rod and cast it into the water. After a brief moment, you'll notice a splash and a fish icon appear on your screen. Your job is simple: press either the A or D keys (or Left or Right D-pad buttons on the controller) in the opposite direction the fish faces.

So, if the fish icon is pointing left, press D (Right D-pad); if it is pointing right, press A (Left D-pad). There's no need to spam-click the buttons! You must continue to do this until the percentage bar reaches 100. If you've done this successfully, a fish should be stuck on the hook of your fishing rod!

fish refinery caves 2

Pro Tip: After you catch fish, you'll get items as drop rewards. Take them to Silver's Sellzone to exchange these items at the NPC Maroon for cash! A single fishing trip will easily net you over $100, allowing you to get back the money you spent on the rod plus more!

And that's how to catch a fish in Refinery Caves 2. As you can see, it's not particularly difficult—so long as you remember to press the correct directional buttons. Besides it being fun, fishing is a great way to earn some extra cash in the game by selling the items you get as rewards.