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How To Get Quest Points Fast In Pet Simulator X

Find out the easiest quests to earn a ton of Quest Points quickly in the new Pet Simulator X Quest Update.
How To Get Quest Points Fast In Pet Simulator X

Are you ready to take your Pet Simulator X gameplay to the next level? The latest PSX update has introduced a new feature: Quests! And the best part is that completing these challenges will earn you Quest Points, which can be redeemed for Exclusive pets and other neat rewards in the Quest Shop. But with so many quests, which ones should you focus on?

In this guide, we'll share tips and tricks on how to quickly complete quests and earn Quest Points fast in Pet Simulator X. That way, you can rack up a ton of points to hopefully hatch the ultra-rare Huge M-10 Prototype (with a 0.1% drop chance) in the game. Alright, so what are you waiting for? Continue reading to learn the best method to farm quests in Pet Simulator X.

How To Get Quest Points In Pet Simulator X

Firstly, it's important to note that there are new quests available in every area of Pet Simulator X. Completing these tasks earns you Quest Points, which can be spent in the Quest Shop to obtain unique items like the M-10 Egg (which hatches the M-10 Prototype Pet) or M-10 Prototype Hoverboard— the more difficult the quest, the more points you'll earn. While not confirmed, it seems like the 1-star tasks give 40 points, the 2-star tasks give 100 points, and the 3-star tasks give 250 points.


One of the easiest quests in Pet Simulator X is "Break 100 Coins in the Town." To complete this task, put your "Pet Sending" option to "Single" and use an auto-clicker to destroy the coins quickly. You can do this by positioning yourself in the center of the area and then using the auto-clicker to spin, farming all the Coins in the area. Another easy quest is to "Hatch 300 Pets from Starter Eggs." To complete this, you can send all single pets to the Hatchery.

It's worth noting that some of the more challenging quests, such as "Break 500 Chests in the Town," can also be completed using an auto-clicker and will reward a lot more points. However, you might find that some 3-star tasks are quite easy to achieve. For example, "Use 2,000 Super Lucky boosts" is a 3-star task that rewards 250 points. If you already have many of these boosts in your inventory, it's an easy payday for you.

All Quests In Pet Simulator X Quest Update


Here is a list of quests you can complete during the Pet Simulator X Quests Update. Please note that the wildcard character (* asterisk) designates a random number assigned to each user.

Pet Simulator X Quests List
  • Break * Chests in Heaven Island
  • Break * Chests in Town
  • Break * Chests in Winter
  • Break * Coins in Candy Island
  • Break * Coins in Town
  • Break * Crates
  • Break * Crates in Winter
  • Break * Diamonds in Desert
  • Break * Diamonds in the Diamond Mine
  • Break * Grand Heaven Chests in Heaven’s Gate
  • Break * Magma Chests in Volcano
  • Break * Presents
  • Break * Presents in Forest
  • Break * Presents in Glacier
  • Break * Safes
  • Break * Safes in Beach
  • Break * Vaults
  • Break * Vaults in Enchanted Forest
  • Break * Vaults in Mine
  • Create * Fused Legendary Pets
  • Enchant * pets with Royalty
  • Enroll * Pets in Daycare
  • Equip * Pets at a time
  • Hatch * Mythicals from Heaven’s Gate Eggs
  • Hatch * Pets from Ancient Eggs
  • Hatch * Pets from Forest Eggs
  • Hatch * Pets from Hell Eggs
  • Hatch * Pets from Mine Eggs
  • Hatch * Pets from Spiked Eggs
  • Hatch * Pets from Starter Eggs
  • Hatch * Shiny Pets
  • Hatch * Shiny Pegasus Pets
  • Hatch * Shiny Pets from Spiked Eggs
  • Hatch * Shiny Samurai Dragon Pets
  • Purchase * Pets from the Mysterious Merchant
  • Purchase * Pets from the Traveling Merchant
  • Purchase * Pets from Trading Booths
  • Use the Daycare * times
  • Use the Enchant Machine * times on pets with glittering
  • Use the Gold Machine * times
  • Use the Rainbow Machine * times

And that's everything to know about how to get Quest Points quickly in Pet Simulator X. We hope this guide will help you complete all the challenges most efficiently. Finally, we want to extend a special thank you to the YouTuber IMNET ROBLOX for their detailed walkthrough on the best method to farm quests in Pet Simulator X. Please consider subscribing to their channel and checking out their other content.