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What Is Fruit In Pet Simulator X? - Explained

Are you wondering what Fruits are in Pet Simulator X: April Fools Day event? Here's everything you need to know.
What Is Fruit In Pet Simulator X? - Explained

Attention all pet lovers and Roblox enthusiasts! Are you ready to become a Fruit-gathering master in Pet Simulator X? Look no further than this comprehensive guide, where we break down everything you need to know about the latest feature in the game. With so many different types of Fruit, it can be challenging to know where to start. But don't fret. We've got you covered. From understanding what each Fruit does to answering frequently asked questions, this guide will help you level up your pets with ease. So grab your basket, and let's get started!

Updated on 30 April: We updated this page with details about the new Fruit Mastery in Pet Simulator X. Basically, you can level up your Mastery by breaking Fruit that spawn in any area. The Fruit Mastery will make the Fruit Boosts last longer.

All Fruit In Pet Simulator X: What Do Fruits Do?


Fruit is a popular feature in Pet Simulator X that provides a range of buffs to your pets to increase their power. These yummy consumables spawn randomly across the game world and can be collected by players (psst... you might like: how to get Fruit fast in Pet Simulator X). Each Fruit provides a different boost and stacks multiplicatively the more gathered. Specifically, Fruit can increase your pet's Luck, XP, Damage, Diamonds, and Coins.

This table details what each Fruit does in Pet Simulator X and their multipliers.
Fruit Base Multiplier Fruit Cap
Banana 1.2x Luck Boost 200x
Pineapple 1.1x XP Boost (replaces Speed Boost) 200x
Apple 1.1x Damage Boost 200x
Orange 1.2x Diamonds Boost 200x
Lemon 1.1x Coins Boost 200x
Rainbow Fruit (super rare) +1 of each Fruit Boost -

Note: According to the developers, breaking Fruit now grants boosters that stack with more Fruit broken. These boosters are more balanced than in the April Fools Day update.

Pet Simulator X Fruit Mastery Explained

The 29 April Pet Simulator X patch notes introduced a new Fruit Mastery. The developers said: "The Fruit Mastery is the fruitiest mastery yet! Level it by breaking fruit which spawns in any area. It will make the fruit boosts last longer! Woo!" You can find the Fruit Mastery tiers in Pet Simulator X below.

  • Level 35: Fruits last 20% longer.
  • Level 75: Fruits last 50% longer.
  • Level 99: Fruits give 30% more multipliers.

Remember that reaching Level 99 of the Fruit Mastery contributes toward your progress of unlocking the coveted Cat Hoverboard in Pet Simulator X. And that's not all. The Fruit Ninja achievement is granted after breaking 1,000 fruits. Good luck!

Pet Simulator X Fruit: Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions about collecting Fruit in Pet Simulator X.

What is the max Fruit Boost?

To maximize the effects of the Fruit in Pet Simulator X, it's essential to keep collecting them since the buffs will deplete over time. That being said, you can stack up to 1000 Fruit in your inventory (each Fruit type has a cap of 200x).

How long will Fruit be available?

Initially, Fruit was unique to the April Fools’ event. However, it seems Fruit is back by popular demand after the Quests Update. Accordingly, BIG Games said, "It’s here to stay forever!" (yay!).

How long do Fruit buffs last?

The duration of Fruit buffs in Pet Simulator X depends on the number collected. In simple terms, the more Fruit you collect, the longer the buffs will last. It's hard to say exactly how long the buff will last since the duration varies depending on the number of Fruit you have collected, but it generally lasts for a few minutes.

Can you stack Fruit buffs?

Yes, you can stack Fruit buffs in Pet Simulator X. When you collect more of a particular Fruit, your boost will be the base multiplier plus 0.1x per additional Fruit, up to the 200 Fruit cap maximum. For example, collecting 50 Pineapples will give your pets a 6x XP boost (1.1x + 0.1x * 49). In addition, the Rainbow Fruit, the rarest and most powerful Fruit in the game, provides a notable boost. It grants one of each type of Fruit boost, making it the most valuable Fruit to collect. However, the exact multiplier for the Rainbow Fruit is currently unknown as it is a super rare item.