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Second Piece Codes (April 2024): Free Gems & Rerolls

Get a tonne of free rewards such as Gems and Race Rerolls with the latest, active Roblox Second Piece codes.
Second Piece Codes (April 2024): Free Gems & Rerolls
Lanchuria Shrine

Looking for Second Piece codes in 2024? You're in the right place, fellow lover of iconic anime characters. Of course, this action/fighting Roblox game is inspired by One Piece and several other popular anime. 

We've got a plethora of working, active Second Piece codes to share with you, which offer different types of valuable rewards, from a tonne of Gems to Race Rerolls, so you can boost your character's power level. Let's leap in!

Update on 10 April 2024: We've updated this article with the latest Roblox Second Piece codes so you can claim some more free rewards for Update 7 and beyond.

We cache pages, so you might have to hard-refresh (SHIFT + F5) to see the most up-to-date version.

New Second Piece Codes (Working & Tested)

Roblox Second Piece codes working latest active free rewards gems rerolls race how to redeem next code
You'll want to redeem every Second Piece code as soon as you can to get some great free rewards. (Picture: Lanchuria Shrine)

To increase your character's power, abilities and even earn devil/demon Fruits in Second Piece, you will need Gems. Thankfully, the working, active Roblox Second Piece codes has both a tonne of free Gems and a bunch of Rerolls!

In Second Piece, codes also have a level requirement, which we've added to our active code list for this Roblox title below.

  • !code KamishWrath - Get free Rerolls (Level 5,000)
  • !code RaidJustice - Get free Rerolls (Level 8,000)
  • !code NoMoreAltForRaidCoin - Get x10,000 Gems.
  • !code RaidJustice - Get free Rerolls (Level 8,000)
  • !code NoMoreAltForRaidCoin - Get free Rerolls (Level 5,000)
  • !code TripleShutdownEEE - Get free Rerolls (Level 8,500)
  • !code DoubleShutdownAta - Get free Rerolls (Level 8,500)
  • !code Clover -Get free Rerolls (Level 8,500)
  • !code ShutdownMahou - Get free Rerolls (Level 5,000)
  • !code PortalTicket - Get a free Portal Ticket
  • !code Viserys - Get x15,000 Gems.
  • !code Tywin - Get free Rerolls (Level 5,000)
  • !code NeoOnLow -Get x5 Race Rerolls (Level 5,000)
  • !code CID -Get x5 Race Rerolls (Level 7,500) 
  • !code Mei - Get x5 Race Rerolls (Level 5,000)
  • !code HiguramaSoon - Getx5 Race Rerolls (Level 7,500)
  • !code Balerion -Get x5 Race Rerolls (Level 7,500)
  • !code Draconic -Get x5 Race Rerolls (Level 7,500)
  • !code AegonTargaryen - Getx5 Race Rerolls (Level 7,500)
  • !code damagebug - Getx5 Race Rerolls and x35,000 Gems (Level 7,500)
  • !code FirstMen -Get free Rerolls (Level 7,500)
  • !code gojoontop -Get free Rerolls (Level 7500)
  • !code housetargaryen -Get x1 free Race Reroll and x5,000 Gems
  • !code sukunaontop -Get x5 Race Rerolls (Level 7500)
  • !code qualityoflife - Get free Rerolls (Level 5000)
  • !code jjkupdatepart2isreal -Get free Rerolls (Level 7500)
  • !code techniquefromtheheianera -Get free Rerolls (Level 5000)

Please note: Codes for Second Piece on Roblox are case-sensitive!

You'll find a list of Seonc Piece codes that have unfortunately expired below. If you have nothing better to do, you can always try your luck at redeeming them on Private Servers! There's a small chance some of these codes will start working again...

Expired Roblox Second Piece Codes
  • !code ihatesecondpiece
  • !code SukunaUpdate
  • !code NoWorldBossCode
  • !code RudeusGreyrat
  • !code ihatechxmei

How To Redeem Second Piece Codes

Roblox Second Piece codes working latest active free rewards gems rerolls race how to redeem next code
Redeeming our first working Second Piece code was super easy! (Picture: Lanchuria Shrine)

Follow the steps below to redeem your working Second Piece codes within seconds!

  • Run Second Piece via its Roblox page.
  • On the top-left of your screen, you will see a chat icon. Tap/click on it!
  • With the chat window open, type in the code exactly as they appear in our list, including the "!code" part. Alternatively, you can copy/paste it in.
  • Send the message by clicking on send of pressing Enter.

Congratulations, you've now redeemed a Second Piece code in Roblox. Enjoy the free rewards!

Where Can I Get More Second Piece Codes?

You might have already redeemed all the Second Piece codes we've listed in this guide and are hungry for more! We always try to update this guide as quickly as possible so that you never miss out on a code for some more free Second Piece gems and rerolls.

However, if you can't wait for us (maybe we are sleeping?), then you can always keep an eye on the game's official Trello board

When is The Next Free Second Piece Code?

Second Piece developers are very active and this Roblox title regularly gets updates, and new codes! There's no precise schedule for when the next free Second Piece code will get released, so check back soon, as it could be days, or minutes!

And that concludes our Second Piece codes guide. But why stop there? You can get redeem codes for even more games like Death BallJujutsu ChroniclesAnime Champions SimulatorHaze PiecePeroxideTYPE SOULAnime FightersProject SlayersRoblox King LegacyMurder Mystery 2Adopt MeLove NikkiAnime DimensionsShindo LifeAll-Star Tower Defense, Anime Last Stand or Skibi Toilet Tower Defense.