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No, Roblox Is Not Shutting Down In 2024

Google search queries for "Is Roblox shutting down in 2024" have skyrocketed. Here's why there's nothing to worry about.
No, Roblox Is Not Shutting Down In 2024
DALL-E / Open AI

We can't believe we have to say this, but no—Roblox is not shutting down in 2024. It's just a hoax that crops up every few months, which compels troves of players to flood Google with search queries like "Is Roblox shutting down?" and "Roblox ending 2024." Put simply, it's rubbish.

Roblox is not going anywhere! After all, it's only one of the most successful gaming platforms on the planet! Due to its status, Roblox draws in hundreds of millions of users each month, most of whom are young, impressionable kids who repeatedly fall for this gag.

Why Do People Think Roblox Is Shutting Down In 2024?

roblox not shutting down 2024

So, you might ask yourself: Why do people think Roblox will shut down in 2024? Well, it really just comes down to players being overly gullible. Usually, one or more jokesters will circulate a rumor on social media platforms like TikTok or YouTube, claiming that Roblox is ending.

While the prospect of gaining a ton of views and followers is appealing, my best guess is that pranksters make these rumors for sh*ts and giggles. After all, the whole "Roblox is shutting down" shindig has essentially become a meme.

Still, as ridiculous as the claim might seem, it only takes a few thousand young players to believe these rumors and start to spread the news online themselves. And just like wildfire—the hoax that Roblox is shutting down in 2024 is born! That said, the lesson is not to believe everything you read on the internet!

Another reason that people might believe a rumor that Roblox is ending in 2024 is due to server downtime. This reasoning is a bit more understandable. Sometimes, the platform undergoes maintenance, which results in many games being unavailable to players. So, when players can't log in to a server or are kicked out of a game, it's like the entire world is ending.

When Will Roblox Shut Down?

roblox servers not shutting down.png (1

Alright, cool. So, when might Roblox actually end—like, for real, for real? The short answer: not anytime soon! At present, Roblox pulls in over 160 million active users every month. And just a few months ago, the platform was made available on platforms like PlayStation and Meta Quest VR headsets!

So, it's safe to say that the Roblox developers are not looking to shut down experiences next year. In fact, Roblox has withstood the test of time—and so long as creators continue adding to the massive library of experiences, the platform will probably survive until the end of time.

So, now that you know that Roblox is definitely NOT shutting down in 2024, you can relax! Better still—be a hero and tell all of your friends not to worry. And if needed, share this article with them as proof. Rest assured, if Roblox really was ending in 2024, we'd be the first to know!

All images were created by DALL-E.