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How To Get Void Coins Fast In Sols RNG

Need more Void Coins in Sols RNG Roblox? No problem—here's everything you need to know.
How To Get Void Coins Fast In Sols RNG

Looking for the best way to farm Void Coins in Sols RNG? You're in good company. This in-game currency was added in the Era 8 update and allows you to trade for Cursed and Dangerous goods at the Black Merchant. So, it's only natural that Roblox players are trying desperately to get hold of them.

So, how do you get Void Coins fast in Sols RNG? Well, that's what I'm here to explain. Keep reading to find out everything about this new currency in the game.

How To Get Void Coins In Sols RNG

You can get Void Coins from Mari's Shop in Sols RNG. To be more specific, it costs 500,000 Coins to get 1x Void Coin, making this quite an expensive in-game currency. However, it's probably worth it because you can trade for powerful items like the Oblivion Potion at Jester the Black Merchant.

Pro Tip: You can also get Void Coins as a reward for completeing the "I give my life..." (earned after 5 million rerolls) and "[10,000,000]" (earned after 10 million rerolls) achievements in Sols RNG.
sols rng mari void coins
You can buy Void Coins from Mari the Traveling Merchant in Sols RNG.

Besides being extremely pricey, the only issue you'll encounter is that Mari is a Traveling Merchant—this means you have to look around the map to find her. Listen carefully for alien noises and a white beam protruding from the sky. This beam of light will indicate where to find Mari in Sols RNG.

And that's how to get Void Coins in Sols RNG. As you can see, it's not particularly difficult—it's just really expensive. But that's the cost to obtain some of the most overpowered items in the game. For more help in Sols RNG, check out the linked guides!

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