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All Toys & Ticket Prices in Adopt Me Summer State Fair 2024

We outline all the Toys available for Roblox Adopt Me players during the Summer State Fair 2024 event, alongside their ticket prices, rarity and release dates.
All Toys & Ticket Prices in Adopt Me Summer State Fair 2024
Uplift Games

Looking for the details on all the new Toys in Roblox Adopt Me thanks to the Summer State Fair 2024 mega event? Then you've strolled into the right place, as we've got you covered.

Let's jump straight in and discuss all the Adopt Me Toy items from the Summer State Fair 2024 event, alongside their rarity, release dates, and Ticket prices, so you can get fully kitted with ease.

How To Get Toys in Adopt Me's Summer State Fair

Roblox Adopt me toys ticket prices summer state fair
Enjoy the festivities at Roblox Adopt Me's Summer State Fair 2024, and don't forget to spend those tickets! (Picture: Uplift Games)

There are several new Toys that Roblox Adopt Me players can purchase. First off, you can simply teleport to the Summer State Fair 2024 by navigating to its tab on the left side of your screen.

From here, run to the NPC/Shop where you wish to purchase Toys and spend your hard-earned event tickets.

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We suggest doing the new Balloon Pop event, Speedy Stables, or Rodeo minigames to get more tickets quickly. Below, you can check out the Ticket prices for all the toys available thus far.

Summer State Fair 2024 Toy Rarity Ticket Price Release Date
Paddle Ball Rattle Common 300 21 June 2024
Kazoo Ultra-Rare 7,800 21 June 2024
Fortune Wheel Flying Disc  Uncommon 800 21 June 2024
Balloon Pogostick Common 1,250 28 June 2024
Chair Swing Propeller Uncommon 1,400 28 June 2024
Popcorn Plush Rare 4,900 28 June 2024
Light Spinner Throw Toy Ultra Rare 6,400 28 June 2024

There are still two weeks of the Summer State Fair 2024 to go in Roblox Adopt Me, so the developers will likely add more Toys for you to purchase with those hard-earned event Tickets. We will endeavor to update the list above when new Toys become available.

Remember, you have until 12 July 2024 to get all the Summer State Fair toys that you want, so spend those tickets in Adopt Me without delay.

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