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How To Get Partial Resurrection In TYPE SOUL (Parkour Obby Quest)

Want to know the best way to get Partial Resurrection in TYPE SOUL Roblox? Look no further. Here's how to complete the Parkour Obby quest!
How To Get Partial Resurrection In TYPE SOUL (Parkour Obby Quest)

Want to learn how to get Partial Resurrection in TYPE SOUL? Good news! You're in the right spot. This powerful skill is similar to the Shikai upgrades available to Soul Reapers, making it a particularly important skill to unlock for aspiring Arrancers in the Hollow faction.

That said, many players aren't quite sure how to get it, with many desperately scouring Google in search of the answer. So, if you want to know how to unlock Partial Res in TYPE SOUL, don't worry. This guide will explain how to complete the Parkour Obby quest in the game.

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How To Unlock Partial Resurrection In TYPE SOUL Roblox


To obtain the Partial Resurrection in TYPE SOUL, you must complete the Parkour Obby quest. However, to begin this challenge, you'll need to be at least Grade 2 and locate the blonde-haired NPC Harribel inside the Castle in Hueco Mundo.

Harribel Parkour Obby NPC Location

Unfortunately, the Parkour Obby quest giver's location changes randomly, so you'll need to spend some time finding them. Here are some of the known locations:

  • In one of the second-floor laboratories with the bookshelves.
  • In the Green Room
  • At the bottom of the ground floor staircase
  • Near the Castle Throne.

Partial Resurrection Fragment Location

Once you have found Harribel, interact with them. You'll then be instructed to locate an item (a missing Partial Res fragment), which will spawn in a random location around Hueco Mundo. Again, you'll need to spend some time finding it.

These are the types of Partial Res available in TYPE SOUL:

  • Acid
  • Storm
  • Slash
  • Starkk
  • Bat
  • Bone
  • Vamp

The video below shows you the Storm Res in TYPE SOUL.

How To Complete Obby Parkour Quest In TYPE SOUL Roblox

To complete the Obby Parkour quest in TYPE SOUL, you must return with the Partial Res fragment to the Void Pit (located on the leftmost part of the Castle near two large rocks). After this, jump into the Pit to complete the Parkour Obby in TYPE SOUL.

You will unlock the Partial Resurrection after interacting with Black Orb at the end of the quest. Once you have obtained the Partial Res in TYPE SOUL, it will be bound to your keyboard's "C" key.

Note: If you fail the quest, you will need to wait 1-hour before you can attempt it again. That said, you can grip a player of another faction or slay a Shinigami NPC to reset this cooldown.


In addition, you won't need to find Harribel again if you fail. Rather, head to the top floor of the Castle in Hueco Mundo and speak with the Hogyoku fragment (Pink Orb).

Doing so will spawn your Partial Resurrection fragment in TYPE SOUL, allowing you to travel to the Void again and start the Obby. There is a 3-hour cooldown upon failing before you can interact with the Hogyoku fragment.

And that's everything you need to know about how to get Partial Res in TYPE SOUL Roblox. Still confused, or were our instructions not clear enough for you? Watch the video by YouTuber DrumDagDoh for a visual walkthrough! Otherwise, find out more information on the official TYPE SOUL Trello and Discord!