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Why Was The TYPE SOUL Owner Banned?

Why was the TYPE SOUL owner's Roblox account banned? Or better yet - is it true? Get the full scoop right here.
Why Was The TYPE SOUL Owner Banned?

Did Roblox ban Saeko? Is TYPE SOUL getting deleted? Why was the TYPE SOUL owner banned? If you were searching for any of these questions, rest assured we have the answers you've been looking for.

This guide covers the intriguing saga of Saeko, the owner of the popular Bleach-based Roblox anime game TYPE SOUL, his alleged ban on July 13, 2023, and the possible impact this might have on the game's future.

Is Saeko Banned On Roblox?


Yes, it appears so. Clicking on Saeko's Roblox account page returns a 404 "Page cannot be found or no longer exists" error. Therefore, it is believed that the owner of TYPE SOUL, one of Roblox's popular Bleach-inspired anime games, has indeed been banned from the platform.

Why Was The TYPE SOUL Owner Banned On Roblox?

The exact reason for Saeko's ban on Roblox has not been revealed. However, some users claim that the ban was a false ban, while others claim that the TYPE SOUL owner was banned for violating Roblox's fair use policy. We cannot confirm if this is the case. We tried to reach out to the moderators for a comment, but none responded at the time of writing.

How Will Saeko's Ban Affect TYPE SOUL In Roblox?


TYPE SOUL, an innovative and highly immersive game on Roblox, is undoubtedly under the shadow of uncertainty due to its owner's supposed termination. Assuming Saeko's Roblox ban is permanent, it's only natural that the game's future development stands on shaky ground.

At this stage, while it's all speculative, there are concerns that this could affect TYPE SOUL's continuous development and updates. In the worst-case scenario, there's a slight possibility that Roblox might decide to delete the game entirely due to the ban. However, this would be highly unusual, given that the game is still active and playable.

Despite Saeko's ban, the game’s mods or other owners are unlikely to abandon the game, as there is still a significant community behind it. The underlying fear among players is the potential stagnation of the game's progress and the possibility of it being taken down. However, the consensus within the TYPE SOUL community is to hope for the best.