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North American Rocket League champion calls for "unofficial" game to settle NA vs EU rivalry

Spacetation Gaming’s Slater “Retals” Thomas took to Twitter to call out current EU Split Major Champions, BDS, and to set up an “unofficial” cross-region best-of-seven series between the orgs.
North American Rocket League champion calls for "unofficial" game to settle NA vs EU rivalry

Rocket League drama involves many different types of conflict, but rarely directly between teams. In a competitive community where almost after every loss the very same players express their feelings in a post-game unsanctioned “Twitterview”, you will see most Rocket League pros admitting defeat, hoping for the best and "gg"-ing their opponent. Well, not Retals.

The 17-year-old tweeted the following after EU powerhouse BDS won the RLCS X Winter Split Regional #1 Finals:

Retals was signed to Spacestation Gaming this summer, replacing Alexandre "AxB" Bellemare. Since then, SSG has been dominant during the revamped RLCS X, the winningest time in The Grid, and taking top honours in both the Regional Event #1 and The Fall Split NA Major.

“NA has been better than EU by quite a margin for the last year or so”, he added under his original tweet.

On the other side of the pond, BDS has not short as they have won three Regional events (two in the Fall, one in the Winter) and the EU Fall Split Major.

SpaceStation Gaming vs Team BDS who is best team
(Picture: Team BDS)

With three regionals under the belt and a squad that’s crushing the competition, BDS seems to have secured their spot in the World Championship come March 2021 where they could potentially face-off, global pandemic permitting, against their NA antagonist.

But why wait?

To try and put arguments to rest, Retals also tagged longtime professional caster, content creator, and most importantly tournament organizer, John “Johnnyboi_i” MacDonald to host a best-of-seven series between North America’s SSG vs. Europe’s BDS. Both Fall Split Major champions in their regions.

Both Johnnyboi and BDS’ Evan "M0nkey M00n" Rogez have tweeted about the original post, almost confirming the unofficial RLCS Finals-caliber match:


Considering not having a LAN since Season 8 where NA defeated EU (who forced a Game 7, by the way) and the sudden stop of Season 9 in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s still too early to call current teams overall standings across regions until we can once again get the best of the best all in one place.

Although European teams have won 5 out of the 8 RLCS official tournaments, NA fans have been pretty adamant about which of the two is the superior region.

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As followers and Rocket League personalities chimed in the conversation, it’s just a matter of time until we can get a time and place for the game of the year between six of the best in the world.