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G2 Esports Announces All-Women NA Rocket League Roster

G2 Esports has launched its new, all-women Rocket League roster, 'Luna'.
G2 Esports Announces All-Women NA Rocket League Roster

G2 Esports, one of Europe's largets esports organizations, announced on May 31, 2023 the creation of a new, all-women Rocket League roster. The team is named 'Luna', after the Roman goddess of the Moon, and will compete in the North American region. This team marks the first time an all-woman team from G2 will compete in NA.

Luna's roster comprises of team captain Jaime "Karma" Bickford, (American), Carlee "Kiaa" Eichhorst (Canadian) and Gio “Avenger" Sy (Canadian). Team captain Karma said of the roster: 

It’s no secret that I want to become the outright best Rocket League player in the world and being part of this team gives me the perfect platform to do that. It’s an honour for me to be named captain of this team, and I can't wait to lead us to victory after victory. It feels like we are at the start of something very special here at G2 and I’m excited for what the future holds - #LFG2

The announcement follows G2's continued rollout of all-women rosters created in the last 12 months, including G2 Gozen (VALORANT), G2 Hel (LOL) and G2 Oya (CS:GO). G2 previously began making waves in the North American market after joining the VALORANT Challengers North America league