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RLCS 2022 World Championship - How To Watch, Schedule, Format, Teams

The Rocket League World Championship (RLCS) 2022 boasts intense competition. Here's what you need to know and how to watch the stream.
RLCS 2022 World Championship - How To Watch, Schedule, Format, Teams

The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) World Championship 2021-22 is the penultimate event after the Spring Split Major. The tournament is the first offline event in nearly three years, featuring ten full days of high-octane Rocket League action at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, United States.

The RLCS World Championship 2022 will offer intense competition, featuring 24 teams from different parts of the globe. These teams will compete for staggering prize money of $2,085,000 and forever engrave their name in Rocket League history.

The RLCS World Championship is one of the most important events on the 2022 esports calendar. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event: how to watch,  schedule, format, tickets, competing teams, and more.

RLCS World Championship 2022 - Twitch Stream

Rocket League fans can watch and cheer for their favorite teams on the official Rocket League Twitch channel, which we have embedded below for your convenience.

The Twitch stream is available in multiple languages, including French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. In addition, Psyonix will simulcast the games on the Rocket League Esports YouTube Channel.

RLCS World Championship 2022 - Schedule, Tickets, And Format

The RLCS World Championship will run from 4th to 14th August 2022 and comprises three phases: Wildcard Stage, Group Stages, and Playoffs. All matches will begin at 11 am CT. We've listed the start and end dates for each stage below.

  • Wildcard Stage: 4th - 7th August 2022
  • Group Stages: 9th - 11th August 2022
  • Playoffs: 12th - 14th August 2022.
RLCS 2021-22 world championship tickets schedule format how to watch
RLCS 2021-22 World Championship will take place at The Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, U.S. (Picture: Psyonix)


Rocket League fans can attend the event at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, United States. You can purchase tickets to attend the Arena via the Rocket League website.

  • Section A tickets cost $130 
  • Section B tickets cost $119
  • Section C tickets cost $108

Otherwise, you can purchase daily passes for the Group Stage and Wildcard stage for $44 or $37, respectively. There's also an option to get a Pavillion Pass, providing access to the entire Wildcard and Group Stages for $183.


The tournament will start with Wildcard matches, where 16 teams will compete in a Swiss System Format. While all games will be BO5, only the top eight teams will qualify for the Group Stages.

Accordingly, 16 teams will be split equally into two groups. All matches will be BO7 and will follow the Double Elimination system. The top four teams from each group will head into the Playoffs, where eight teams will compete in Single Elimination format. All matches will be BO7.

RLCS World Championship 2022 - All Teams Competing

rlcs 2022 world championships teams competing
Twenty-four world-class teams will compete in the RLCS World Championship. (Picture: Psyonix)

The qualification for the RLCS World Championship is ongoing. However, these are the teams that have confirmed slots in the tournament.

Wildcard Teams

  • The General NRG

  • Spacestation Gaming

  • Version1 / OpTic Gaming

  • Dignitas

  • Endpoint CeX

  • Karmine Corp

  • Renegades

  • Pioneers

  • FURIA Esports

  • Team Secret

  • Tokyo Verdy Esports

  • Gaimin Gladiators

  • Team Falcons

  • Veloce Esports

  • Orlando Pirates Exdee

  • Bravado Gaming

Group Stage Teams

  • G2 Esports

  • FaZe Clan

  • Team BDS

  • Moist Esports

RLCS World Championship 2022 - Prize Pool

rlcs championship 2021-22 rocket league prize pool distribution
The entire prize pool is distributed wisely amongst the teams. (Picture: Psyonix)

The RLCS World Championship will offer $2,085,000 prize money spread across the teams depending on their position in the tournament.

  • 1st - $600,000

  • 2nd - $400,000

  • 3rd-4th - $200,000

  • 5th-8th - $100,000

  • 9th-12th - $30,000

  • 13th-16th - $20,000

  • 17th-19th - $13,600

  • 20th-22nd - $10,200

  • 23rd-24th - $6,800

That's everything you need to know about the RLCS World Championship 2022.

For more on the game, please check out our section dedicated to Rocket League esports, guides, news, and much more.

Featured image courtesy of Psyonix.