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Rocket League Sideswipe is now available worldwide

The mobile version of Rocket League has now got its global launch and the reviews are in -- this is mobile gaming at its best!
Rocket League Sideswipe is now available worldwide

Rocket League has gone mobile! The car meets soccer game has now got its global launch, hitting the Apple App, and Google Play, stores.

Early signs are good, little-to-no aggressive monetisation, just a smattering of cosmetics and many are saying that the game manages to take all that frenetic, at times chaotic energy of Rocket League and distil it into a mobile package.

There is much that will be familiar to players who have played the game before, there are key differences though and it doesn't just extend to the control scheme.

First, the game is played in a faux-2D camera angle, meaning movement is restricted to two planes (vertical and horizontal), and the goals are essentially turned on their side. Not quite reaching the ground but creating a long slit to hopefully smash the ball in.

Rocket League sideswipe
Sideswipe captures so much of what is great about Rocket League. (Picture: Psyonix)

It still offers Rocket League's insanely high-skill ceiling, you can manipulate your car in all the ways possible in the mainline game; from dribbling to aerials, in fact, the only thing that hasn't come over is demolitions, which, considering you are playing in a much smaller area, makes a lot of sense. What's more, you can even play with a controller.

The game arrives with 1v1, 2v2, and 2v2 hoops, and there is already an item shop and Rocket Pass, plus the ability to customize your car with all the cosmetics that people have to love in the series.

Rocket League has gone mobile and the sky looks the limit.

How to download Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League Sideswipe is available on iOS and Android and is now available worldwide.

Downloading it is easy.

If you are on Android:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store (or your chosen app store)
  2. Search for "Rocket League Sideswipe" or click on this link.
  3. Click "Install"

If you are on iOS:

  1. Go to the Apple App Store
  2. Search for "Rocket League Sideswipe" or click on this link.
  3. Click "Install"

Download size is around 1GB on both platforms.


Featured image courtesy of Psyonix.