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Rogue Company devs roll back TTK changes after community backlash

Changes to body shot damage in the Mack Update had angered fans and Hi-Rez studios have quickly reverted them.
Rogue Company devs roll back TTK changes after community backlash

Update: The original article stated that the update was rolled out on the day they announced the changes - this was incorrect - the update was rolled out at 7 am ET on Thursday, 5th June.

Original story:

Last week saw the release of the Mack Update for Rogue Company which introduced much: a new Rogue called Mack, a new map, and limited-time mode but the most drastic change was one that didn't really make the headlines and that was the increase seen to body shot damage to many of the game's primary weapons.

Rogue Company TTK Hotfix
Mack is the game's latest Rogue. (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

The changes divided the community with those who found the changes, which drastically reduced the time-to-kill (TTK) in the game, flooding the game's social media and subreddit calling for it to be reverted and claiming that they were leaving the game for good.

That vocal minority (majority?) have now got their way, with Hi-Rez Studios announcing that the body shot changes have been reverted as of 18th May. The update has been pushed out as a hotfix and is live on all platforms.

The developers were originally going to wait a couple of weeks after the release of the update to collect feedback before any potential changes but the pushback has been so severe that the decision was made to roll it back immediately. 

"These changes were made with the goal of creating a more consistent combat experience for our players," wrote the developers. "Unfortunately, these changes weren’t delivering the better experience we hoped for and upset many of our devoted players."

This isn't the first time that the developers have rolled back changes to the game. In March, changes to the demolition game mode saw the matches become substantially longer, pushback from that saw it changed soon after.