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Rogue Company Rogue tier list - the best characters ranked from best to worst

The game is now in its first season and now features 17 unique Rogues, we rank each to decide which one is the best in the game.
Rogue Company Rogue tier list - the best characters ranked from best to worst

Update 5th April: 

This tier list has been updated to include the game's newest Rogue, Seeker, while also taking into accounts buffs and nerfs to Dahlia, The Fixer, and Scorch among others.

Original article:

When Rogue Company was initially released to the public back through the Founder's Pack in June of last year the game featured 13 Rogues now with the release of Season 1 in February 2021 there are now 17 to choose from.

If you are entirely unaware Rogue's are the game's playable characters they boast unique abilities, weapons, and perks. They are also separated into six different roles from Breachers to Snipers.

The Indian-born Kestrel is Rogue Company's 17th Rogue. (Picture: Hi-Rez Studio)

Most players will select a particular Rogue to "main" but deciding which one from the outset, especially as you need to unlock many of them - either by spending real cash with the purchase of Rogue Bucks or grinding Reputation - means making that decision can be fraught and potential waste of time and money.

So to give you a hand we are taking a broad overview of each of the game's Rogues, as of Season 1, and ranking them from best to worst in our Rogue Tier list.

Rogue Company - roles explained

Rogue Company's Rogues are split into six unique roles, knowing and understanding them is key to success. 

They are:

  • Defender: Focus on securing objective locations and slowing the enemy advance.
  • Breacher: Specialize in pushing through defences or making an opening for their team to advance.
  • Intel: Help your team to gain information on enemy positions to turn engagements in their favour.
  • Duelist: Win combat engagements and force trades with the enemy team.
  • Sniper: Excel at dealing substantial damage in long-range combat.
  • Support: Provide combat assistance to their teammates.

Rogue Company - tiers explained

Rogue Company character tier list
(Picture: TierMaker)

We'll be grading the Rogue's with a letter format, going from S-Tier to D-Tier. Here's what each rank means:

  • S-Tier: The absolute best of the best and probably needing nerfed.
  • A-Tier: Very strong Rogues, mastering them takes them easily into the S-Tier.
  • B-Tier: Certain playstyles or team compositions will find a lot of joy with these Rogues - just don't expect it to work all the time.
  • C-Tier: Very map/team comp/ELO specific Rogues. There are serious downsides to their loadouts, perks and abilities so make sure you know what you're doing.
  • D-Tier: Don't bother, unless you are trolling. Could be buffed to make viable.

Rogue tier list

Rouge Company Tier list
(Picture: TierMaker)


Rogue Company tier list the Fixer
Despite some buffs, The Fixer is still one of the most powerful Rogues in the game. (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

  • Dahlia (Support)
  • The Fixer (Sniper)
  • Vy (Defender)


Rogue Company S tier rogues anvil
Anvil's kit has always marked him as one of the best Defenders. (Picture: Hi-Rez Studio)

  • Anvil (Defender)
  • Lancer (Duelist)
  • Trench (Defender)


Kestrel Rogue company
The game's newest Rogue, Kestrel, could climb out of the B-Tier as players get more time with her kit. (Picture: Hi-Rez Studio)

  • Chaac (Duelist)
  • Dallas (Intel)
  • Dima (Breacher)
  • Ronin (Duelist)
  • Talon (Intel)
  • Kestrel (Duelist)
  • Saint (Support)
  • Scorch (Duelist)
  • Seeker (Intel)
  • Sigrid (Breacher)


Phantom Rogue
There are better Snipers in Rogue than Phantom. (Picture: Hi-Rez Studio)

  • Phantom (Sniper)


  • Gl1tch (Breacher)

Remember this tier list is entirely subjective, other than The Fixer that s**t is OP.

Everything from B-Tier onwards is very viable. Unlock or purchase a few, experiment and learn how to use them as part as a team.