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Rogue Company Season 1: Release date, patch notes, battle pass, more

Hi-Rez Studios' Rogue Company goes from strength to strength and is nearing the release of its first official season.
Rogue Company Season 1: Release date, patch notes, battle pass, more

With so many options for competitive shooters out there Hi-Rez Studios have done well to carve out a dedicated and loyal player base for their third-person shooter.

The game has a lot going for it; rewarding combat, interesting and unique Rogues, fun maps. The introduction of a ranked system and a steady pipeline of content means there is always something fresh to get your teeth in to.

And the next big content drop is undoubtedly the start of the game's very first season - aptly named, at least for the moment - Season 1.

Season 1 will include new maps, game modes, Kestrel the game's newest Duelist and much more.

Rogue Season 1 roadmap
The developers laid out their plans for Season 1. (Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Season 1 will also mark the start of the game's first Battle Pass which promises 50 different rewards to unlock with both a free and paid track.

What's more all of this is likely to be coming out very soon as PC players who have access to the Public Test Server (PTE) got to try out all the new content this weekend.

So if you are looking forward to Season 1 and want to know more - read on.

When does Rogue Company Season 1 start?

Season 1 is set to start on 3rd of February.

Season 1's "new" Rogue: Kestrel

Rogue Company Season 1 new rogue kestrel
(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Kestrel, one of the founding members of Rogue Company, this Indian-born Duelist is coming out of retirement to help the fight against the Jackal.

Her primary weapons include a Riptide Assault Rifle and Knight SMG, her secondary the P12K pistol.

Here melee is a beautiful Kurki Katana which will allow you to slice your way through opponents.

(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

She has one previously unseen perk, "Resupply" when she eliminates an enemy they will drop a supply kit. Picking up a supply kit re-equips your purchased Gadgets.

Her active ability is "Halo Drones" which launches several drones which will send explosive munitions down wherever she is looking.

Her passive is "Legend's Contract" which awards players an extra 1000 credits per down.

For a full breakdown of Kestrel's equipment including all gadgets, perks and stats check out our guide.

Rogue Company Season 1 battle pass

The Season One Battle Pass is Rogue Company’s first and filled with 50 rewards you can earn! By simply playing the game, you’ll earn Battle Pass Levels and work your way to the top to unlock the coveted Hellfire Protocol Scorch.

Rogue Company Battle Pass Season 1
(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

There will be two Battle Pass Bundles available to purchase:

Battle Pass Base Bundle

  • 3 Instant Premium Awards (One Shot One Kill Fixer Outfit, Neon Psychedelic Primary Wrap, 1 Hour Account Boost)
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience

Battle Pass Elite Bundle

  • +15 Battle Pass Tiers
  • 3 Instant Premium Rewards (One Shot One Kill Fixer Outfit, Neon Psychedelic Primary Wrap, 1 Hour Account Boost)
  • 20% Battle Pass Experience


With the beginning of Season One, we are introducing Boosts which you can earn at various levels in the Battle Pass. A few important notes:

  • These boosts will increase your base experienced gained by 100% before bonuses
  • Only one boost my be active at a time
  • A boost once activated will run based on time even if you are offline
  • You can view your available boosts and activate one in the Boosts menu found in the bottom left corner of the main menu
  • These are currently only available as rewards

For more info including all the rewards, the price and more check out our Rogue Company Season 1 battle pass explainer.

Season 1 patch notes

These are the patch notes for the most recent PTE build which the developers have confirmed has all the features and changes they expect in Season 1's full release.

New Mode: Sabotage

Rogue Company Skirmish mode patch notes
(Picture: Hi-Rez Studios)

Welcome to our newest limited-time mode, Sabotage. In each round both teams fight to take control of a neutral bomb and detonate it in the enemy teams zone or eliminate the enemy teams tickets. Each team has a limited number of respawns.

  • This is a 4v4 match
  • Each match is a Best of 5
  • Each round has a game time of 4 minutes
  • Each team begins with 40 tickets
  • The respawn time is 7 seconds
  • A team wins by planting the bomb or having the most tickets left when the round ends
  • There is no defend time once you plant the bomb
  • Teams will switch sides every round
  • While a player is holding the bomb they are revealed to friendlies in green and enemies in gold
  • The bomb will reset where it spawns if it gets thrown off the map or is idle for 30 seconds

Sabotage MAPS

  • Highcastle
  • Favelas
  • Lockdown
  • Vice
  • Windward

Reputation Gain and Leveling

With Season One, we are removing the Level Reputation earned per match and providing it in a different way. The following changes have been made:

  • Rewards given at each level have been increased by 100%

  • Contract rewards have been increased significantly

  • Contracts Renewal will now provide you with 3 contracts at once per day instead of 1 every 6 hours



Fixed some issues that prevented Anvil from deploying his Barricade in various places.


Quick and Quiet: No longer provides mini-map detection immunity.

Increased recharge on ability from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.


No longer has the Arren L212. Now has Nightshade.


Ballistic Knife: Direct hits now deal 250 damage.


No longer has Tripmines which is replaced with C4.


Increased recharge on ability from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.


Barbed Wire:

  • Players have 2 charges of the Barbed Wire instead of one.
  • Size reduced from 9 meters to 4 meters.
  • Can no longer be destroyed with melee attacks.


D3D-i (Talon/Fixer)

  • Increased Headshot Damage from 54 to 58.
  • Body damage increased from 34 to 38.
  • Increased the Falloff Damage at max ranges.

Executioner (Anvil, Vy, Dima, Trench, Dahlia)

  • Reduced the Falloff Damage at max ranges.

MLX Mark 4 (Saint)

  • This weapon no longer uses a scope but ADS into first person
  • Body Damage has been reduced from 20 to 19

MX-R (Dahlia/Trench)

  • Fixed an issue that increased the MX-R’s fire rate. Fire rate is now 4.7
  • Headshot damage reduced from 48 to 44
  • Body damage reduced from 32 to 30.

SL-C (Ronin/Scorch)

  • Slightly reduced the vertical kick.


This page will be updated with more information closer to the time of release.