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Where To Get & Use Ancient Coins In Sea Of Thieves

Elusive yet priceless, Ancient Coins are a premium currency pirates should start earning to get unique items and cosmetics in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Get & Use Ancient Coins In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

As new players are jumping into the action-adventure sandbox game from the PlayStation platform, it will launch for PS5 consoles on 30th April 2024. One of the first things they'll need to start earning is the in-game currencies, with Ancient Coins being the premium currency available.

Aside from Gold and Doubloons, Ancient Coins are the premium currency to earn and spend, but this can be a tough task for new players. Nevertheless, we've made this endeavor slightly easier for novice pirates looking to earn and use Ancient Coins, as detailed in this comprehensive guide for Sea of Thieves.

How To Get And Use Ancient Coins In Sea Of Thieves?

Ancient Coins are the premium currency that pirates can earn before using them, and there are a few ways in which they can gain or acquire them. The first is by purchasing Ancient Coins bundles from their dedicated storefronts like the Microsoft/Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and Steam, with which they'll be credited immediately.

Another way pirates can acquire Ancient Coins is by directly buying them from the Pirate Emporium. The Emporium sells premium items and Ancient Coins, which are accessible from the main menu and the Outpost store.

Ancient Coins can also be earned as season rewards by raising their Renown levels by completing missions and more to unlock specific chests to get them. Lastly, defeating Ancient Skeletons is another way pirates can obtain Ancient Coins; however, it's much more complicated.

Ancient Skeletons have an extremely rare spawn rate in Sea of Thieves, as they'll spawn on PvE elements like any Fortress or Sea Fort and The Shores of Gold (Tribute Peak) in-game. While these spawn locations are randomized, there are a few ways they can increase their chances of spotting, one of which they're recognized for their blue skeletal frame and a golden skull and coin bag.

Pirates can seek out Ancient Skeletons, which may spawn at Sea Forts, Fortresses, or The Shores of Gold. (Picture: Rare)

One of the ways in which Ancient Skeletons are likely to increase their spawn rate is at locations where there are more players within a single location. This means that if pirates find themselves in a Fortress or at a Sea Fort where there are high numbers of players at the location, Ancient Skeletons are more likely to spawn in place of standard skeletons.

Pirates must spend time completing PvE activities at any of these locations for the spawn rate to increase, but according to the player base, a fortress or The Shores of Gold would be an ideal place to start. However, if they're playing in Adventure Mode, completing World Events and the Order of Souls Voyages is another method for Ancient Skeletons to spawn. 

All that needs to be done is to defeat the Ancient Skeletons, which will drop anywhere between 100 and 800 Ancient Coins, depending on their rarity. From there, pirates can acquire unique items and cosmetics like Costumes, Equipment items, Emotes, Pets, Ship Customization pieces, and Weapons from the Pirate Emporium for themselves or their Ship to ride the waves of the Sea of Thieves in style.