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Where To Get The Scarlet Storm Parakeet In Sea Of Thieves

A new pet, the Ruby Viper, will soon be coming to Sea of Thieves as part of a pre-order bonus cosmetic set, so here's how to get the Scarlet Storm Parakeet.
Where To Get The Scarlet Storm Parakeet In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Sea Of Thieves / YouTube)

The Scarlet Storm Parakeet is a brand-new pet that players can have as a companion during their action-packed adventures across the Sea of Thieves. While it's unclear if it will talk back to players, this crimson-colored parakeet will be a wonderful addition to their pirate expeditions.

Acquiring the parakeet will be a pre-order bonus as part of the Ruby Viper set for players who pre-ordered any edition of Sea of Thieves. Players can read this guide on getting the Scarlet Storm Parakeet pet for Sea of Thieves for more details.

How To Get The Scarlet Storm Parakeet In Sea Of Thieves?

This glorious bird will be available when Sea of Thieves launches on PlayStation 5 consoles on 30th April 2024, alongside the Season 12 content update. The Scarlet Storm Parakeet is part of the Ruby Viper cosmetic set, which includes four themed weapons: the Blunderbuss, Cutlass, Eye of Reach, and Pistol, that players can get in-game when Sea of Thieves releases on PS5 consoles.

Players can obtain this delightful bird in Sea of Thieves by pre-ordering any game edition, whether the standard, Deluxe, or Premium editions available now. These game editions must be for the PlayStation 5 platform, as that is the only requirement for qualifying to receive the pre-order bonus of the Ruper Viper set, including the Scarlet Storm Parakeet.

The Scarlet Storm Parakeet is a new pet that players can receive as part of the Ruby Viper set, which is available as a pre-order bonus for the PlayStation 5. (Picture: Rare)

In addition to acquiring the parakeet, they will receive two new outfits to dress up the bird. These outfits are the Kraken and Sea Dog outfits, which can be used for the parakeet once it's equipped; they must ensure they're currently in "an active Adventure session."

Next, they can access the Pet Chest, located onboard their Ship on the lower decks and outside the Pirate Emporium shop, which is found at every Outpost across the map. If they're in Adventure mode, they can also locate the Order of Souls Company and find the shop above the company to equip or change their pet.

Once they've brought up the pop-up window, they can browse the acquired pets and highlight the Scarlet Storm Parakeet before selecting it. They can close the pop-up window, where the parakeet will appear near the players' character in-game. When left alone, it will stroll across the Ship or chill at various perching spots, and should they leave the Ship, their pet will follow them.

Remember that pets can get dirty, especially if fired from a Cannon, which they'll be covered in dirt or soot with some water to wash away the dirt. Lastly, they can name their pet, including the Scarlet Storm Parakeet, which can be done anytime in-game from the Pet Chest.