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Sea Of Thieves PlayStation 5 Release Date & Time Countdown

Keep updated on when Sea of Thieves launches for PlayStation 5 consoles with our zipline-approved countdown to its release date and time.
Sea Of Thieves PlayStation 5 Release Date & Time Countdown
(Picture: YouTube / Sea of Thieves)

After rumors that Xbox will bring some of its premium titles to other platforms, developer Rare confirmed in February 2024 that its epic action-adventure sandbox game Sea of Thieves is coming to PlayStation 5. The developer revealed details, including pre-orders, a Closed Beta, and plenty of exclusive content that will have them celebrate with a round of Grog.

They also detailed supported game features for PlayStation 5 peripherals and the game's official release date and time. In this guide, we've highlighted the latter for players looking to keep track of the Sea of Thieves release date and time for PlayStation 5 consoles.

Sea Of Thieves PlayStation 5 Release Time & Date

Get your crew, deploy the sails, and chart a course with their mateys as Sea of Thieves is finally heading to the PlayStation ecosystem this month. According to its PlayStation Store listing, the action-adventure sandbox game will be heading to PlayStation 5 consoles on 30th April 2024 at 9 am UTC, as pre-orders are still active.

Countdown Timer To Sea Of Thieves PS5 Release
10 days, 18:40:19

Regarding pre-orders, the developer has revealed three game editions: the standard, Deluxe, and Premium Editions. These will include the base game, unique content, and exclusive platform rewards that will only be accessible to PlayStation 5 players.

While these game editions are also available for Xbox and PC, they exclude the platform-exclusive rewards, as detailed in the Pre-Order post. The game's PlayStation 5 launch will coincide with the Season 12 content update, which sees a host of new content revealed in their 2024 Preview Event livestream.

This includes two new weapons: the Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol and the Throwing Knives, which the developer noted should help players unlock "new tactical choices and strategies" during their seafaring adventures. Additionally, new equipment will be added to the base game to aid players in combat against ferocious beasts, formidable threats, and enemy players.

These include the Scattershot, which allows them to fire four consecutive wide-spread cannonballs with limited range, which should help them sink ships quickly. The Bone Caller is a device that lets them summon skeletal forces to fight in their honor if strategy is employed.

Then there's the Wind Caller device, which generates a strong wind when players use it when exploring the islands. This developer has shown fun ways the Wind Caller can be used, such as boosting the sails on their ship or rowboat, cushioning long falls, or blasting enemies off cliffs.

The islands across the Sea of Thieves will see some quality-of-life (QoL) improvements with the inclusion of ziplines. According to the developer, these can be found chiefly near Outposts and Skeleton Forts at any Fortress Island, excluding the Fort of the Damned.