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How To Become A Captain Of A Ship In Sea Of Thieves

Become the Captain of the high seas and their trusted Crewmates by learning how to captain their newly acquired Ship in Sea of Thieves.
How To Become A Captain Of A Ship In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

Sea of Thieves added functionality in Season 7, dating back to August 2022, that boosts players' morale and has them ascend to greater heights. The Ship Captaincy feature debuted in this specific season, in which players can now captain their Ships and unlock support features and cosmetics.

Additionally, they'll have access to their Logbook, gain bonus services from the Shipwright, and plenty more to make their seafaring adventures more thrilling. This guide provides pirates with the relevant information on how to captain a Ship in Sea of Thieves.

How To Captain A Ship In Sea Of Thieves?

The Ship Captaincy system is one of the recent in-game features added to Sea of Thieves in Season 7. This feature allows aspiring pirates to become Captains and captain their Ships across the Sea of Thieves from the island to the Outpost.

Every ship may need a Crew, but it also requires a Captain, which is achieved through the Ship Captaincy system. (Picture: Rare)

Captaining a Ship in-game is slightly challenging as they'll need to complete a few things before being made a Captain. Firstly, they'll need to acquire a Ship, which can be done from the Main Menu screen, and they can select one of the three Ship Types, name their vessel, and confirm they own a Ship. 

They must ensure that they have enough Gold to make the purchase which they can purchase a Ship of every Ship Type. Once all the admin work is completed, this automatically grants them the Captain title, for which they can access an exclusive menu in which Captains can toggle various settings and more.

But as soon as they set off on their first adventure with their newly acquired vessel, The Pirate Lord will appear to pirates as he gives them a rundown of the Ship Captaincy system. Additionally, becoming a Captain will grant them access to unique cosmetics accessible from the chest near the Shipwright Shop, which, visiting the Shipwright, will unlock new functionalities for Captains to utilize.

Any Voyages purchased from Shipwrights can be found on their bookshelf in the Captain's Quarters aboard their Ship. (Picture: Rare)

Speaking of Voyages, Captains can acquire Voyages from Shipwrights from every Company in-game and are found atop their bookshelf in the Captain's Quarters on the Ship. NeverthelShip Captains can keep track of their day-to-day activities via the Noteworthy Captain's Logbook.

This includes data like Gold accumulated, Voyages completed, Crew members, the last recorded Ship they've sunk, and more, which can be customized in this Logbook. As Captains, they'll encounter a new type of NPC called the Sovereigns, found at all Outposts. They can assist in offloading cargo, for which they'll earn Gold and Reputation, but they'll only accept loot from captained Ships.

Milestones and Alignments are also new for Captains; the latter are groups of milestones that completing them raises their Class for the specific Milestone. Lastly, Captains can abandon their Ships should they leave their current sailing season, which leaves their Ships uncaptained and unable to earn Milestones, and their Ships will sink.