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Where To Get A Ship In Sea Of Thieves

Before charting the course for their next adventure somewhere across the Sea of Thieves, they must have a ship, as explained in this guide.
Where To Get A Ship In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

One pirate's adventures can only begin if they have the right tools and equipment to aid them in their endeavor. Perhaps the most important thing is what will carry them and their crew to a glorious sunrise, or their demise is the Ship.

This wooden vessel will be the cornerstone of all in-game activities, whether as a solo player or working together as a Crew with friends. If they want to acquire a Ship as a new or returning player, we've searched through the bookcase to help pirates learn how to get a Ship in Sea of Thieves.

How To Get A Ship In Sea Of Thieves?

Whether they're new to the game or starting a new save file, all pirates start their adventures by progressing through the tutorial section before they're free to make a name for themselves and earn Renown. But to make their name legendary throughout the Sea of Thieves, it starts with humble beginnings in acquiring a Ship.

The Ship is the most important purchase pirates will have to make before starting their next adventure solo or with fellow mateys! (Picture: Rare)

The Ship serves as the primary vessel for most of their in-game progression, whether traversing from island to Outpost, completing Quests and Voyages for various Companies, or battling against enemy NPCs and players. The Ship can also be enhanced with a vast selection of unique Ship Customisation and Equipment items, but before any of that can occur, where can one buy a Ship?

Luckily for pirates, it's pretty straightforward, as they need to complete a few steps before purchasing one. From the Main Menu screen, select the "Play" option before being prompted to choose between "Adventure" or "A Pirate's Life," either of which will be fine.

Within this new menu screen, highlight and select "My Ships," where they can choose between one of three varieties: the Sloop, the Brigantine, and the Galleon. Each ship variety will have its allocated cost and other unique features like Crew Size before being allowed to rename their newly acquired vessel.

Pirates should note that the game's developer has prohibited various inappropriate and offensive words and, as such, keep it pirate-friendly, or they may walk the plank. After renaming their vessel, they can proceed to finalize the purchase by confirming it, and voilà, they have a ship!

It's important to note that they can purchase one of each ship type (the Sloop, the Brigantine, and the Galleon) if they have enough Gold to support these purchases. However, to acquire more ships, they must obtain a Legendary Ship Title for the specific ship type (i.e., if they wish to purchase the Galleon, they must get this ship type's Legendary Ship Title).

Now, having acquired a Ship that has been named, they can begin customizing it using unique items and furnishings that are available to buy from the Pirate Emporium, Shipwright vendors, and Trading Companies. Likewise, to customize their Ship, they can locate the Ship Customization chest beside the Shipwright shop and select the features they wish to change.