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Where To Get The Dark Warsmith Set In Sea Of Thieves

Darkness has consumed the Sea of Thieves, as several Dark Warsmith set items can be earned by pre-ordering the game's Premium Edition.
Where To Get The Dark Warsmith Set In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Twitter / Sea of Thieves)

Spread fear and intimidation to every lowly pirate they may encounter with unique cosmetic items while sailing the high seas in Sea of Thieves. While they may have a wide selection of themed cosmetic sets to choose from, the Dark Warsmith set may strike doom in the hearts and minds of pirates to avoid their impending demise.

This set was one of a few introduced in-game within the game's first year of release. In time for the game's sixth anniversary, PlayStation 5 launch, and the upcoming season, this set is back in the spotlight as a reward. Bring darkness and despair while sailing the oceans as we've explained how to get the Dark Warsmith Set in Sea of Thieves.

How To Get The Dark Warsmith Set In Sea Of Thieves?

Unleash the inner darkness within with this eerie cosmetic set, the Dark Warsmith, one of many sets available in Sea of Thieves. This set is based on a fabled Captain who, according to in-game lore, desired to be the "most feared pirate on the Sea of Thieves."

Pre-order the Premium Edition for Sea of Thieves to earn several items from the Dark Warsmith set, including the Dark Warsmith Costume and ship components. (Picture: Rare)

The Dark Warsmith set made its in-game debut as part of the first season's Plunder Pass before it became readily available from the Pirate Emporium thereafter. This set primarily features the Dark Warsmith costume along with other notable items, including themed clothing items, ship components, and weapons.

In time for the game's PlayStation 5 launch and the Season 12 release, the developer are including a handful of items from this set for players to own. Those who've pre-ordered the Sea of Thieves Premium Edition can receive the Dark Warsmith Costume along with several other themed items like the Cannon Flare, Capstan, Flag, Hull, and Wheel and the Collector’s Dark Warsmith Figurehead and Sails.

Accompanying the Dark Warsmith Costume is the Diabolical Dog pet, which can be equipped by accessing the Pet Chest. Don't forget that if they pre-ordered the Premium edition, bonus items will be included in this game edition, like selected items from the Ocean Crawler set.

If players miss out on acquiring the Dark Warsmith items added with the Premium Edition, they can access the Pirate Emporium above the Order of Souls tent at most Outposts in-game or from the Main Menu. As they'll have to purchase these items individually, they are required to spend Ancient Coins, which are bought from the Microsoft, Steam, and PlayStation Stores, from the Pirate Emporium, by defeating Ancient Skeletons or claimed as rewards throughout the Season at various Renown levels.