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Sea of Thieves
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How to complete Sea of Thieves' Lord of the Seas Tall Tale

The final Tall Tale in the expansion is a thriller.
After you’ve completed the fourth Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life, Dark Brethren, you can take on the final quest. It’s named Lord of the Seas and involves you finally confronting Davy Jones to ensure he doesn’t destroy the Sea of the Damned and the Ferryman. 

A guide to the Lord of the Seas Tall Tale

Like all of the other tales, head to The Castaway’s shack and activate the fifth and final book. Once this happens, the whole gang will appear and agree on a plan to take down Davy Jones. You need to load up your ship with supplies, but no treasure, and head to the big Davy Jones cloud in the sky. As you head in, a large Spire will spawn out of the sea. A ton of Ghost Ships will be there to guard the Spire. You need to take the ships down one by one with help from Captain Jack and the rest of the crew. 

Lord of the seas The gang all together one last time. (Picture: Rare)

For the first wave of ships, you need to defeat around six or seven of them. Each takes three cannon blasts to take down. After you’re done with the first wave, a second will arrive and feature increased difficulty. The second wave will also introduce mermaid statues of towering height. They have a huge red bubble around them that will damage your ship if you sail into it. The statues can be shot at like any other enemy ship but do take more cannon blasts to fully takedown. 

Once all of the statues and surrounding Ghost Ships are gone, Captain Jack will decide to use his Black Pearl. He needs your help so you fight alongside him, taking down more ships and statues. Although, the fight needs some assistance, so the captains from previous Tall Tales appear to help in the battle. As the fight rages on, Davy Jones will unleash Captain Ghost Ships, which are tougher to eliminate and deal more damage. They require 10 cannonballs to fully sink. 

Sea of Thieves Lord of the Seas guideThe Spire in the middle of the sea. (Picture: Rare)

After most of the ships are gone, Calypso will bring down a bolt of lightning onto the Spire. This breaks it apart and allows you to access the inside. Dock your ship near the Spire and head inside. However, the way to the top isn’t as easy as climbing stairs. You need to do some serious platforming in order to make your way up. There are jumps, climbs and everything in between in this platforming section.

Once you’ve managed to get past all of the platforming, a certain figure from Captain Jack’s past will be standing next to the Dead Man’s Chest. Unfortunately, you need to defeat several Phantoms before one will drop the key to the chest. Open the chest with it and find the missing locket inside. Calypso will subsequently strike it with lighting and tell you to get out of the Spire. From the top of the Spire, there’s a wood plank sticking out for you to jump off safely into the water near your ship. 

Board your ship and Davy Jones will send out the Flying Dutchman for one final battle. The Dutchman can release a shockwave across the sea that damages your ship, which is really the only attack you need to watch out for. The legendary ship takes a good amount of cannonballs to take down but once you do, it will sink and the Spire will recess back into the sea as well. 

Lord of the seas guideCaptain Jack Sparrow getting his life back. (Picture: Rare)

After this occurs, Captain Jack’s Black Pearl will rise back to the top of the sea and not in ghost form. You can board this ship so get over there, climb up and celebrate with the crew. The Ferryman will appear, reinstate Jack’s life and that’s the end of A Pirate’s Life in Sea of Thieves. Although, Jack states this won’t be the last time you see him.