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Sea of Thieves
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How to complete Sea of Thieves' Dark Brethren Tall Tale

Need a solution on how to complete the Dark Brethren Tall Tale? This guide will walk you through this part of Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life adventure step by step.
The Dark Brethren Tall Tale is 4th and penultimate Tall Tale added with the Sea of Thieves A Pirate’s Life expansion.

Once you have completed the previous three Tall Tales, you will be in a position to vote on and kick off the Dark Brethren Tall Tale at the Castaway’s camp on any Outpost.

In this section of the game, the adventure will have you making your way to the Coral Stronghold.

There, Davy Jones and his associates have gathered to conspire and think about their next moves.

Sea of Thieves: Dark Brethren Tall Tale guide

Sea of Thieves Dark Brethren Tall Tale guide(Picture: Rare/Tormiline)

Once you come near the island, you will notice a rather large cave entrance and that's where you will start this Tall Tale. Captain Jack Sparrow, who will follow you through the whole mission, will start playing music and a nearby opening will appear, where you will enter the depths of the Coral Stronghold.

There's a special commendation for finding an alternative entrance, but we are leaving that to you to discover.

Once inside, simply follow Jack and you will go through some water tunnels, where Jack will remove a stone and clear passage to the next chamber. The next chamber is a vertical cave, and you will need to make your way to the top by jumping with some parkour and platforming.

We don't have any particular tips to give you here except to be careful, as it can be tricky not to miss platforms. And it is a long way down, so it can be frustrating if you need to do it all over again.

Once you are up, there will be a section with a waterfall, where you simply need to slide all the way down.

Sea of Thieves Dark Brethren Tall Tale guide(Picture: Rare/Tormiline)

The next section will be the one with The Flying Dutchman. You will need to find your way to the ship, and then go down into the cabins, where you will find a dagger. Pick it up, and another door will open which will lead to an organ puzzle.

You will need to play the organ by using the book in front of you. Just follow the instructions in order to play in the correct order. You will notice the candles lighting up as you hit the right keys.

By completing the organ puzzle a massive door behind the ship will open which will trigger a huge amount of enemies to start attacking you all around the ship. You can use cannons to deal with them when they are away from the ship, and regular weapons once they come too close and start boarding the ship.

Sea of Thieves Dark Brethren Tall Tale guide organ puzzleThe organ puzzle can be particularly tricky to complete (Picture: Rare/Tormiline)

When you clear all the waves, the door will fully open and you will be able to proceed. The next area is pretty straightforward, you will find yourself in the water again and you will need to swim your way up to the surface and solve a mermaid puzzle along the way.

Once up, Captian Jack will open a secret passage behind the waterfall. Follow him, listen to what he has to say and once he's done he will give you gems to complete the mermaid puzzle. For this particular puzzle, you will need to look at mermaid positions on the drawings and then hit the mermaid statues until they match with the drawings.

There are three mermaids in the room, you will need to find them all and make sure they match with the corresponding drawings. This will remove the waterfall which was blocking the path and allow you to proceed.

You will need to lift a ship's hull in order to go to the next section. You will find the pulley for lifting right next to the first mermaid. Just make sure to run quickly as the hull will start slowly to fall down once you stop lifting it. 

From there, you will need to complete another easy mermaid puzzle (this time with only 2 of them) and proceed to a room with a bunch of enemies you will have to eliminate to move forward.

Following the corridor, you will come to a spot with a few geysers which will help you climb to the top, where you will need to slice the rope in order for the door to open.

Sea of Thieves Dark Brethren Tall Tale guide organ puzzle(Picture: Rare/Tormiline)

You will need to do the mermaid puzzle for the third time, and upon completion, the water level will start to rise and bring you to the top. Here you will notice two pulleys, which you will use to pull the two nearby beams up and make yourself a walkway. Go up the walkway and then immediately down the waterslide.

The next chamber, and the final one before the big finale, will have many puzzle elements, but most of them can not be completed on the first run, so don't worry too much about them.

And we are almost near the end now as the next room is where Davy Jones and his friends are meeting. There will be a lot of dialogue here, listen to it carefully if you love the story elements.

Dark Brethren Tall Tale boss battle guideUse the cannons provided by Jack (Picture: Rare/Tormiline)

Once the dialogue ends, the battle starts! There are no special tricks here, you will simply need to try to survive and help Captain Jack Sparrow to eliminate them. From time to time Jack will ask you to pull a pulley, and that's about it.

And that's it! Once you defeat them all, the Dark Brethren Tall Tale is done and dusted, and you are ready for the final Tall Tale, where Davy Jones will await you for a final showdown.

Thank you for reading, and if you are having some other issues with the game, be sure to check out our dedicated Sea of Thieves section for guides, news, and more.