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Sea of Thieves
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Pirates rejoice! Sea of Thieves will now allow you to bury treasure

Sea of Thieves developers Rare has introduced a brand-new feature that will allow players to bury their treasure in the Season 5 patch update arriving on 2nd December!
Sea of Thieves developers Rare recently announced that the latest gameplay update would dock early, arriving on 2nd December rather than early next year. Naturally, this has fans brewing with excitement as many are eager to set sail and explore the menu of feature additions that Sea of Thieves Season 5 has to offer.

In addition to the arrival of the Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass, which unlocks a boat-load of cosmetic items, Rare recently hinted at a new feature that will allow players to bury treasure rather than dig it up. And let's be honest, isn't burying and exhuming treasures what a pirate's life is all about?

Sea of Thieves will allow players to bury their treasure

Admittedly, Rare was particularly vague, teasing the new feature in a video on the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account on 26th November. In the video, at least upon initial glance, it looked like a group of pirates were digging up a hidden treasure chest.

However, after the camera panned in closer, the group of pirates could instead be seen burying the treasure chest. Unfortunately, Rare has not announced any further information, and the feature is not yet available in the game at this time.

We can only assume that Rare will muster up more information during the next major patch update, where we will learn more about the significance of the feature. Fortunately, this will not be a long wait since the next patch up is only two days away from the time of writing.

Sea of Thieves hints at new feature that allows players to bury their treasures
Sea of Thieves hints at a brand-new feature that allows players to bury their treasures. (Picture: Rare)

Otherwise, fans are excited for the new feature, which apparently has been a request for some time now. Let's just hope that players remember where they bury their treasure and don't accidentally lose it.

We're curious about your thoughts on this feature and the Sea of Thieves Season 5 in general. Are you excited, or is this seasonal update perhaps underwhelming? Be sure to share your thoughts with us on Twitter.


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Featured image courtesy of Rare.