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Will Sea Of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta Progress Carry Over To Full Game?

With Sea of Thieves Closed Beta getting ready to leave the ports soon, can players carry over progression to the full game at launch for PS5?
Will Sea Of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta Progress Carry Over To Full Game?
(Picture: Rare Ltd.)

Ahoy, there, mateys! Sea of Thieves is gearing up for the upcoming release of Season 12, which launches on 30th April 2024; there are more reasons to enjoy finding treasures, battling enemy ships, and enjoying a drink or three with friends in-game. The upcoming season launch will coincide with the game's platform launch on PlayStation 5, but before that, a Closed Beta is taking place in April 2024 ahead of its release.

As players can begin their quest to participate in the Closed Beta by pre-ordering the game from the PlayStation Store, there's one vital detail players hope to answer regarding cross-progression. For this reason, we've explained whether players can carry over game progress from the Closed Beta to the full game at launch for Sea of Thieves.

9th April 2024 Update: As developer Rare has yet to confirm details on linking and signing into Sea of Thieves on the PlayStation 5 console for the Closed Beta and game launch, the information provided is sourced from another Xbox-published title, Minecraft. We will continue to follow all developments on this popular topic and update the guide accordingly.

Does Sea Of Thieves PS5 Closed Beta Progress Carry Over To Full Game At Launch?

With the PlayStation 5 Closed Beta for Sea of Thieves officially confirmed and ready to set sail this April, buccaneers globally can access the Closed Beta by pre-ordering their copy of the game from the PlayStation Store. While they will earn unique rewards by participating in the Closed Beta, many have wondered if the beta progress might carry over to the full game at launch on 30th April 2024.

According to the FAQ page from the Sea of Thieves, players can carry over all Renown, cosmetic items and currency earned during the Closed Beta to the full game at launch. These rewards will be earned from the Season 11 progression track and they'll be able to access them when the game releases with ten free Renown levels awarded towards their Season 12 progression track.

Existing Sea of Thieves players looking to continue their high-sea adventures on PlayStation 5 can carry their current progress over as long as it's linked to the Microsoft account used to sign into the game. To sign into Sea of Thieves on their PlayStation 5 console, players must first link their Microsoft account to the PlayStation Network account before signing into the game, which we've explained below how to do.

It's important that players use the same Microsoft account credentials already linked to the game, but new players can register one before connecting to the PlayStation Network account. Once that's completed, head back to the Home screen and run Sea of Thieves. A prompt will ask them to sign into their Microsoft account before they can select the "Play" option to begin their adventures.

The information we have provided above regarding linking and signing into their Microsoft account is based on existing details for another Xbox publishing game, Minecraft. As such, the process will likely be similar when Sea of Thieves begins its Closed Beta period and when the game launches on 30th April 2024.