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Sea of Thieves Buried Treasures guide: Adventurer's Eve Commendation

Everything you need to know about the Adventurer’s Eve Commendation including how to complete, rewards and more so that you relax after a day’s work at sea atop of Smuggler’s Bay.
Sea of Thieves Buried Treasures guide: Adventurer's Eve Commendation

Sea of Thieves' Season 5 update has arrived onto the sandy shores with plenty of in-game treasures such as cosmetics, seasonal events as well as Emissary missions and Commendations. The life of a pirate, however, can be a perilous job and as such, there’s little chance for players to kick back, relax and ponder on the day’s events.

Perhaps the devs had that in mind when creating the Adventurer’s Eve Commendation, which allows players to enjoy what’s left of their day by watching the sunset at Smuggler’s Bay.

This guide covers how players can complete this commendation, what time the sun sets in-game, and the rewards players can unlock.

How to complete the Adventurer’s Eve Commendation

To start this commendation, players will head to the map table in the Captain’s Quarters to locate Smuggler’s Bay using its coordinates - F3. Depending on your spawn location, this island can be found within The Shores of Plenty along the northwest region of the Sea of Thieves.

sea of thieves commendations sea of thieves adventurers eve commendation sea of thieves adventurers eve map coordinates sea of thieves smugglers bay
Smuggler's Bay can be found at coordinates F3 on your map. (Picture: Rare / Xbox Game Studios)

Similar to the A New Day Commendation, this time players will need to set sail either late afternoon or early evening as one of the commendation’s requirements is to enjoy the view at sunset. As such, once you have arrived at Smuggler’s Bay, keep an eye out for the island’s highest peak by using your spyglass.

Once spotted, make your way to the northern side of the island where you will find a cave entrance with a ledge protruding from the ledge. Travel around the cave entrance to reach the peak and walk out towards the edge of this peak facing in the south direction.

sea of thieves commendations sea of thieves adveturers eve commendation sea of thieves sitting sea of thieves sunset
Approach the ledge and interact with it to sit and wait for the sun to set in Smuggler's Bay. (Picture: Rare / Xbox Game Studios & Rare Thief)

You will notice a pop-up prompt, asking you to “Take in the view”. Interact with this prompt by pressing the "X" button on your Xbox One controller or hitting either the "F" or "R" key on your keyboard. Players can sit and wait until the sun starts to set, from which you will then unlock the Adventurer’s Eve commendation.

Sunset time

To complete this commendation, players are tasked with watching the sunset at Smuggler’s Bay but what time does the sunset occur in-game? Sunset typically occurs daily at 8 pm server time but it is important to note that this time is the same on every server worldwide.


sea of thieves commendations sea of thieves adventurers eve commendation sea of thieves adventurers eve commendation unlocked
Once players have watched the sunset, it will complete the Adventurer's Eve Commendation. (Picture: Rare / Xbox Game Studios & Rare Thief)

Completing the Adventurer’s Eve Commendation will contribute towards unlocking the Beholder of Buried Treasures Achievement. This achievement can only be awarded to players once all commendations are completed and players WILL earn 100 Gamerscore points to boot.

Below is the full tutorial from the YouTube channel, Rare Thief on how players can complete the Adventurer’s Eve Commendation.

After a hard day’s work at sea, there’s no better way to cap it off with a beautiful sunset. But be warned as the nighttime brings forth devilish foes so make sure you have a weapon and ammo at hand for good measure.


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Featured image courtesy of Rare / Xbox Game Studios.