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Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves Buried Treasures guide: Catching Rays Commendation

Here’s everything you need to know about the Catching Rays Commendation including how to complete, rewards and more before hitting up a Tavern for lunch.
Players in Sea of Thieves are using the new Sitting and Sleeping feature to socialise with their fellow mateys, take the load off or replenish some health before their next adventure. The game provides players with plenty of locations for players to sit or rest through the Sea of Thieves from benches, docks and rock ledges to name.

The Sitting feature also comes in handy for the Commendations included in the Season 5 content update as players can find themselves sitting atop peaks scattered across the Sea of Thieves.

This guide covers what players will need to know about the Catching Rays Commendation, time to complete the commendation and the rewards players can unlock.

Catching Rays Commendation: how to complete

sea of thieves commendations sea of thieves catching rays commendations sea of theives plunder valley
The mountainous island of Plunder Valley spirals upwards where the Festival of the Damned Beacon can be found. (Picture: Rare / Xbox Game Studios)

Like the previous commendations, players will locate Plunder Valley using the map table at the Captain’s Quarters. This mountainous island, part of The Ancient Isles, can be found on the map using coordinates G-16.

From your spawning location, navigate your ship to the coordinates before docking near the shores of Plunder Valley. Once players have reached the island’s shores, head to the centre of the island to look for the highest peak. From this location, take the path heading east along the base of the mountain going upwards before reaching a clearing to your right.

sea of thieves commendations sea of thieves catching rays commendations sea of theives plunder valley
Players will travel on foot to the island's peak to complete the Catching Rays Commendation. (Picture: Rare / Xbox Game Studios & Rare Thief)

Continue moving through the clearing until players have reached a stone entrance ahead. Go through the entrance and keep moving around the mountain, passing a rocky path on your left side. Head straight until players have reached the Festival of the Damned Beacon, however, players will go right from the beacon to reach the peak.

As players reach the edge of the peak, an onscreen prompt will ask you to “Take in the view” which allows players to either press the X button on your Xbox One controller or hit either the F or R key on your keyboard to sit on the edge. Using your pocket watch, sit and wait for noon to unlock the Catching Rays commendation.

sea of thieves commendations sea of thieves catching rays commendations sea of theives plunder valley take in the view interact
Interact with the ledge atop to sit back, relax and wait for noon. (Picture: Rare / Xbox Game Studios & Rare Thief)

Catching Rays Commendation: server time

Players who are completing this commendation will notice that they’ll need to take in the view of Plunder Valley at noon or midday. As you may expect, noontime in-game occurs daily at 12 pm server time but it is important to note that this time is the same on every server worldwide.

Catching Rays Commendation: rewards

Completing this commendation will not only unlock it but can contribute towards unlocking the Beholder of Buried Treasures Achievement. Players will need to complete all available commendations in the Season 5 update to earn this achievement and 100 Gamerscore points.

Below is the full tutorial from the YouTube channel, Rare Thief on how players can complete the Catching Rays Commendation.

There are plenty of other commendations for players to complete and unlock achievements and rewards. But for now, we’ll be soaking up the rays and the amazing views at Plunder Valley.

Don’t forget to check out our dedicated Sea of Thieves section for the latest news, updates, guides, leaks and more.

Featured image courtesy of Rare / Xbox Game Studios.