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Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves Season 1 Plunder Pass: All rewards, cost, and more

Sea of Thieves has a new battle pass system for fans to engage with, containing a ton of free rewards but extra few goodies for those willing to spend some hard-earned coin.
Sea of Thieves, Rare's open-world title that pits bands of pirates and rovers against one another in a shared world, has seen a resurgence over the years after an initial lukewarm reaction, and with the new Seasons format making its debut, a battle pass comes with it.

The Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass, similar to other progression systems, is a premium tier of the free path of rewards accessible to players looking to earn a little extra while navigating the dangerous waters of Sea of Thieves.

SoT is a little more forgiving to those only interested in the free rewards, as there are only 11 pieces of premium cosmetic content available in the Plunder Pass.

So, how much does it cost? What do these items look like? Let's check it out down below.

Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass - Cost

The Plunder Pass will be available for 999 Ancient Coins, around $9.99, depending on your region.

Sea of Thieves Plunder Pass - All tiers

We've detailed lots of information about how you can earn Pirate Renown, Sea of Thieves' new way of tracking progress that will directly help you earn rewards, now it's time to show you exactly what those cosmetics in the Plunder Pass look like.

Do keep in mind, these will be timed exclusives during Season 1, meaning only players that purchase the Plunder Pass will have access to them, however, once the Season is finished, the items will become available via the Pirate Emporium.

All images courtesy of Rare Games.

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