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Sea of Thieves Shrine of Hungering Secret Journal Locations

The final shrine that players will encounter in Sea of Thieves Season 4.
Sea of Thieves Shrine of Hungering Secret Journal Locations

At the Shrine of Hungering in Season 4 of Sea of Thieves, players can earn the Mystery of the Shrine of Hungering commendation.

To do this, players need to find all five of Mercia’s Secret Journals that are spread out across the shrine’s area. This sounds like a daunting task at first but if players look at the guide below, they’ll have no trouble earning the commendation and leaving the shrine satisfied. 

All five of the Shrine of Hungering Secret Journals can be found below. 

Shrine of Hungering Secret Journals

sea of thieves
Season 4 of Sea of Thieves is now live. (Picture: Rare)

The Secret Journals will be laid out in the order they appear.

Shrine of Hungering

Before the first room of the shrine is where you can find the first journal. During the tunnel to enter the shrine, you can locate the first journal lying in the clutches of a skeleton on the ground and in between green plants that protrude out of the seafloor. The skeleton is past the first vent that you pass by in the tunnel. 

The Warrior 

After solving the first Siren Statue puzzle, you can locate the second journal. Once you have access to the geyser, use it to reach the second puzzle of the shrine. Here, you’ll find the journal lying next to a chest inside of a torn apart rowboat. This is to the right of a Gem Siren Statue on the north side of the chamber. 

The Warrior - Unmasked 

Defeat the second Siren Statue puzzle and you will have access to a mast that you can climb up. Once on top of the mast, you need to find a clump of planks. These are located before you make the jump to the Megalodon jawbone. On top of the planks is where the third journal is found. 

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Siren Shrines are a large attraction in Sea of Thieves. (Picture: Rare)

The High Priest 

Don’t get too excited before hopping over to the Megalodon jawbone. Before you do that, look out for the fourth journal after you jump over the bone platforms on the northern side of the area. Go right up to the Siren Statue that’s in front of you and look in the tall grass to find the fourth journal. 

A Great Evil 

Now you can enter the Megalodon jawbone to find the fifth and final journal. Go past the first Siren Window to find another that will take you to the last room of the shrine. However, don’t go past the second window. Instead, shoot the pink Coral Orb near the second window to secure the final journal at the base of the window. Read it and the others to earn the Mystery of the Shrine of Hungering commendation.

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