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Where To Sell Fish In Sea Of Thieves

There are plenty of fish in the sea for pirates to catch and sell for rewards and Commendations, so here's how to sell fish in Sea of Thieves.
Where To Sell Fish In Sea Of Thieves
(Picture: Rare)

Pirates can enjoy plenty of things when they're not aboard their Ship, fighting off skeletons and Megalodons or completing Voyages. While some pirates can enjoy a calmer campaign in the Safer Seas mode, a few leisure activities like sleeping or enjoying a sea shanty or three over some Grog cannot compare to how productive fishing can be.

Sure, some labor is required for fishing, but are pirates aware that they can sell any or all fish they've caught to earn some extra Gold? If they didn't know, they would know, as we've explained, how to sell all types of fish in Sea of Thieves

How To Sell All Fish In Sea Of Thieves?

Fishing can be an essential activity to engage in as it can be utilized to catch food or sell it for Gold. (Picture: Rare)

Fishing is one of the many leisurely activities pirates can enjoy alone or with their Crewmates following a day of defeating enemies, sinking Ships, and plundering all the chests they can find. Fishing allows pirates to bask in the evening sun's glow, converse with fellow pirates, and replenish their food barrels by cooking the fish in a skillet and storing it away for later.

However, there's a way that fishing can be rewarding for pirates: spending the day fishing and selling the produce for Gold. To sell their fish for Gold, head over to The Hunter's Call Trading Company, which is found at most Sea Forts across the Sea of Thieves.

The Hunter's Call is the only trading company in-game that doesn't offer Voyages but instead offers its services, allowing pirates to sell Fish, Grilled Meat, and Treacherous Plunder. Likewise, they'll also accept Mermaid Gems, Siren Gems, Container Chests, and more for rewards like Reputation, Gold, and various Commendations.

Visit one of Merrick's family members at Sea Forts to sell caught fish to The Hunter's Call Trading Company and be rewarded handsomely. (Picture: Rare)

While ten fish species currently swim the waters, they can be caught in two unique sizes: regular and Trophy-sized fish. Trophy-sized fish will net pirates more Gold, Reputation, and progress towards completing three related Commendations associated with Trophy fish.

Nevertheless, regardless of the two types of fish pirates can catch, some fish, like Ancientscales and Devilfish, require bait to be caught. Not all fish can be found at every location or biome, as some species are exclusive to specific locations or biomes.

All they need to do is head to a fishing location or biome, equip the fishing rod, add some bait if required, and have fun fishing. Once they've caught enough fish to feed their Crew, the remaining produce can be sold to The Hunter's Call Trading Company at the nearest Sea Fort to claim those rewards.