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How To Join & Play With Friends In Sea Of Thieves On PS5

Friend invites will be available to players on PlayStation 5 consoles, so here's how this feature works and how to add friends in Sea of Thieves.
How To Join & Play With Friends In Sea Of Thieves On PS5
(Picture: Rare)

Pirates across the Sea of Thieves will welcome new mateys to the game as the action-adventure sandbox game will be heading to PlayStation 5 consoles on 30th April 2024. With pre-orders still active for the game's three editions, for which they can claim various exclusive in-game rewards, they can start preparing for their epic adventures with friends in-game.

Developer Rare has outlined in the game's FAQ page that the "updated in-game friends list" will support PlayStation and Xbox platforms for crossplay adventures. For players wanting to learn more about the Friends Invite system, we've briefly explained how it works and how to invite their friends on both platforms for Sea of Thieves.

How To Send Friends Invites On PS5 For Sea Of Thieves?

According to the PlayStation 5 FAQ post for Sea of Thieves, players joining the high seas can play with their friends across other platforms, including Xbox and PC. This is achieved through crossplay as they are required to have a Microsoft account to link their data and gameplay progress across these platforms and access their Friends list.

If they have yet to register a Microsoft account, there's plenty of time between now, the game's launch, and post-launch by visiting the Microsoft website. They can use this Microsoft account to sign into the game before being provided with the link to the Microsoft and PSN accounts before accessing the game.

The updated Friends Invite system allows PlayStation 5 players to add or join their friends in-game from their PSN and Xbox friends list. (Picture: Rare)

If players engage in multiplayer activities on PlayStation 5, an active PlayStation Plus subscription is required to join lobbies or invite their friends to theirs. PlayStation 5 players can use their PSN Friends list along with the Xbox friends list to send friend requests to players to join their lobby or be invited to theirs.

If they use the PSN Friends list, they access this feature before scrolling through their friends list and selecting 'Invite to Game' to join their lobby. To add players to join their lobby from their Xbox Friends list, they can locate the in-game feature from their Microsoft account and add them to their lobby.

Alternatively, players can utilize the Xbox Console Companion App to create lobbies before getting a prompt to add players. The Xbox Console Companion App is available on mobile and PC from the Microsoft Store, and users can purchase and download the app for free.

Remember that players will be placed in the matchmaking queue if a friend leaves the game or gets disconnected during their high seafaring adventures. The only workaround is to abandon the lobby and create a new one to reinvite players to the game.