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Silent Hill 2 Remake Gets Official ESRB Rating

The Silent Hill 2 remake might be coming sooner than expected, a new ESRB rating suggests.
Silent Hill 2 Remake Gets Official ESRB Rating
(Picture: Konami/Bloober Team)

News about the Silent Hill 2 remake's release has been scarce since its announcement, but it seems we're inching closer and closer to finding out something substantial, as in recent months marketing has ramped up and today the game finally got an ESRB rating. An ESRB rating usually means that a release date - and a release itself - might be coming soon. The rating also offered a sneak peek into some information about the game.

Silent Hill 2 will be rated M (17+) for containing Blood and Gore, Language, Sexual Themes, and Violence. The official ESRB website describes the game as "a horror adventure game in which players assume the role of a man returning to a mysterious town while being tormented by his past." It describes the game as taking place in a third-person perspective, in which "players explore the town of Silent Hill, interact with characters, and battle humans and creatures (e.g., Pyramid Head, mannequins, monsters)."

silent hill 2 remake
The Silent Hill 2 remake got an official ESRB rating. (Picture: Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB))

The rating describes the games combat in some detail, mentioning that you can use pistols, rifles, knives, and shotguns to take down opponents. There is "realistic gunfire, cries of pain, and blood-splatter effects." 

Of course, in true Silent Hill fashion and just like in the original game, there's plenty of blood and guts, too: "large bloodstains," organs on walls, impalements, suffocations, and enemies with body parts sewn together.

There's no set word on when Silent Hill 2 will come out, but a 2024 release date is looking more and more likely. Konami recently released a combat trailer for the upcoming title, but Bloober Team claimed it "didn't reflect the game" they'd created.