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Silent Hill 2's Pyramid Head Is Now An Adorable Plushie

Silent Hill 2 and DBD'S Pyramid Head is now a plush. Say what?!
Silent Hill 2's Pyramid Head Is Now An Adorable Plushie
After the Credits

Silent Hill 2's iconic antagonist Pyramid Head is returning in Bloober Team's upcoming remake, which promises to put a modern, updated spin on the original title - but he'll also take a new form in 2023: a plush toy. Fans can now buy an official Pyramid Head plush, turning the famously horrifying metal-headed character into a soft, cuddly toy.

While Konami's store is full of Silent Hill merch from each game, we rarely get a new release from other vendors, so collectors will no doubt be excited about the Pyramid Head plushie release from After the Credits. Dead By Daylight fans will also enjoy this one; licensed collab DBD merch is rare, but you can now at least take home a fluffy little rendition of The Executioner through this new release.

The new Executioner plush will cost €34.99 (around $38 USD). It will be available for purchase from After the Credits. You can pre-order the Pyramid Head plush from the After the Credits website. However, the plush will not be available or shipped until 4 January 2023, so fans will need to wait a few months until they're able to receive the item.

The item depicts Pyramid Head sitting down, somehow managing to make him remarkably adorable while paying major homage to his original, unsettling appearance in Silent Hill 2. Fans can get their hands on Silent Hill's Pyramid Head in plushie form through pre-order or by purchasing it when it's released.

This is undoubtedly an exciting release for Silent Hill and Dead By Daylight collectors, and many will be happy to add it to their shelves. It's perfect timing for some new Silent Hill merch, given the upcoming release of Bloober Team's Silent Hill 2 remake and the plethora of new SH content in Dead by Daylight.