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First Look At Silent Hill 2 Remake Poster Revealed

Despite little news about Silent Hill 2, fans have spotted new promotional posters.
First Look At Silent Hill 2 Remake Poster Revealed
(Picture: Konami)

It's been a little over a year since Konami and Bloober Team first announced the Silent Hill 2 Remake during the Silent Hill Transmission, and there's been very little news about the upcoming title in the meantime despite fans' widespread excitement. Despite the recent lack of news surrounding Silent Hill 2, recently unveiled an upcoming Silent Hill 2 promo poster that will be placed in European stores to promote the game.

The promo poster showcases a graphic that most fans have seen before, as it's the game's cover and was showcased during the initial Silent Hill Transmission when the game was announced. It shows James Sunderland entering Silent Hill, with a graphic of his wife Mary's face situated just above. A bar of text at the top invites prospective players to "pre-order now."

While the graphics on the poster aren't necessarily new, it's great to see that developers are starting to market the game with in-store advertisements, meaning that it could be released relatively soon and that development could be in its final stages.

Check out the promo poster for yourself just below:

silent hill 2 game promo
Silent Hill 2's remake will be promoted using posters with the game's cover. (Picture:

Though marketing efforts for the game seem to be increasing, they don't seem to be quite in full-swing yet, and the game's release date remains just speculation. We don't have an official release date for Silent Hill 2 yet, and without any word from developers, it's impossible to know when that could be.

Fans have found what they suspected to be accurate "release dates" for the Silent Hill 2 remake in the past, only to be disappointed when the date passed with no updates, much less the game's release. For now, fans will have to wait just a little longer for a release date, but with marketing efforts revving up, it might not be much longer.