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Silent Hill: Ascension Devs Respond To Fan Feedback With Gameplay Changes

Silent Hill: Ascension's gameplay is getting some updates, but fans remain unhappy with the content.
Silent Hill: Ascension Devs Respond To Fan Feedback With Gameplay Changes

Silent Hill: Ascension has been a highly controversial project amongst Silent Hill fans, with many in the community finding issues with the game's microtransactions, glitchy servers, and characters that just "don't feel like Silent Hill." The interactive video series is the first step in Silent Hill's modern revival, which was announced last year during the Silent Hill Transmission - but it's been far from a cakewalk, with developers facing criticism left and right.

Silent Hill: Ascension's team responded to fans' concerns yesterday by announcing some gameplay changes to Silent Hill: Ascension, including Rally tuning improvements, better server stability, and updates to the fate system.

Despite the slew of upcoming updates, none of them involve the game's microtransactions, something that has turned many players away from the game. However, they did patch up server issues and issues with the video player, both of which

One fan suggested that the only way to improve the game would be to remove the ability to buy IP entirely, and instead make the series a weekly TV series. Others suggested that the concept being Silent Hill: Ascension is "inherently flawed," and that no gameplay tweaks could save it from the dead.

It's possible that Silent Hill: Ascension's developers could make more major changes to the game in the future based on fans' feedback. Perhaps some big edits to the way the interactive series works could draw in new fans, and save what could've been an amazing kick-off to Silent Hill's 2023 revival. For now, though, it seems that many fans are struggling to back Silent Hill: Ascension, even after updates to the core game.