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Return To Silent Hill Movie: Release Date Speculation, News, More

Return To Silent Hill, the upcoming Silent Hill 2 movie, is coming out soon; here's what we know so far.
Return To Silent Hill Movie: Release Date Speculation, News, More

Konami's iconic Silent Hill franchise is making a return to the big screen after 15 years of silence with a new movie called Return To Silent Hill. Return To Silent Hill will feature Silent Hill 2 protagonist James Sunderland as he ventures into Silent Hill to find his lost lover, known as Mary Sunderland in Silent Hill 2 but now called Mary Crane. With the release of Return To Silent Hill just over the horizon, the Silent Hill 2 remake is also in the works.

Let's go over everything we know so far about Return To Silent Hill, including its potential release date, plot, characters (you'll find a few changes), cast, trailers, and more. Read on, and we'll get rolling.

Latest News

Just below is where we'll keep track of all the latest news, rumors and leaks about the film:

20 November 2023 - Return To Silent Hill Is Post-Production

According to the IMDb page for Return To Silent Hill, the movie is in the post-production phase and will be released sometime in 2024.

While this is not an official release date, it thankfully means that the movie is likely coming out very soon.

As the holiday season approaches, we might get more information from the movie's producers to hype up fans for the new year, which is sure to be chock-full of Silent Hill content.

11 May 2023 - Filming Has Officially Begun!

Jeremy Irvine (The Woman in Black: Angel of Death) has shared a behind-the-scenes picture from the set of Return to Silent Hill. 


Return To Silent Hill Release Date Speculation

As of March 2023, an official release date for Return To Silent Hill has not been announced. It's likely, though, that the movie will come out sometime in 2024.

Filming on the movie has already wrapped up, according to producers, after it began in February 2023. As of November 2023, the movie is in the post-production phase, meaning that it's ready to hit big screens in the near future.

return to silent hill
Return To Silent Hill is set to release some time in 2024, most likely. (Picture: Konami)

Return To Silent Hill Plot And Characters

Return To Silent Hill is set to follow the plot of Konami's Silent Hill 2 game Silent Hill 2, with some major changes to the plot from the original. The updated synopsis mentions that James' partner is named Mary Crane, not Mary Sunderland, suggesting that the two might not have been married.  It also mentions a new character named "Jacob Crane," of whom James falls into the "dark underworld."

Return To Silent Hill's official plot synopsis reads as follows:

Driven by the shadows of his past, James Sunderlandreturns to Silent Hill to find his lost love, Mary Crane. But the dark, depressing small town is no longer the place from his memories. He meets characters who seem all too familiar and who try to divert him from his search for Mary. The longer he searches for Mary, the more he begins to wonder if this is still reality - or if he has fallen into the dark underworld of Jacob Crane.

Return To Silent Hill Cast

Jeremy Irvine will play James Sunderland in the Return to Silent Hill cast. Hannah Emily Anderson will portray James' love interests, Mary Sunderland and Maria.

We don't know of any other confirmed cast members at this time, but, considering filming has already allegedly begun, we could likely hear more information about the movie's cast very soon.

Return To Silent Hill will be written by Christophe Gans, Sandra Vo-Anh, and Will Schneider. The film will be directed by Gans, who also directed the rest of the Silent Hill movies.

Return To Silent Hill Trailer

While there isn't an official gameplay trailer for Return To Silent Hill yet, producers have released an announcement trailer: