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How to find Madness Ore in Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Madness Ore is a familiar yet fresh sight in the world of Skyrim thanks to the Anniversary Edition. Here's how you can find this new resource.
How to find Madness Ore in Skyrim Anniversary Edition

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition has introduced a plethora of fresh content to the game. While fans wait for the arrival of Elder Scrolls VI, Bethesda continues to improve Skyrim with new updates, versions and content. Now, the 10-year anniversary of Skyrim has come and gone and fans are left with a slew of new items and quests to explore in Skyrim. 

One of those items is Madness Ore, which is familiar to fans who played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’s Shivering Isles expansion. However, Bethesda has now decided to introduce the material into the province of Skyrim, allowing fans to craft armour and weapons using this rare resource.

To do that, players need to first know where they can find it on the map and how to craft gear with the ore. All of that information can be found below. 

Finding Madness Ore in Skyrim 

Madness Ore Skyrim anniversary edition how to find get more armour weapons crafting
Madness Ore was first introduced in Oblivion. (Picture: Reddit / Bethesda)

To start, you can find Madness Ore in a couple of different locations across two different Skyrim titles. The first is the new Anniversary Edition and the other is the Special Edition. 

Whichever version fans are playing, they can begin their quest to find Madness Ore in one of two different ways. The first is by looting dungeon chests after a boss fight. These dungeon chests are spread out across numerous locations in Skyrim.

You will be able to access them immediately and as long as you explore enough, you’ll continue to find the dungeons with bosses inside. 

Madness Ore Skyrim anniversary edition how to find get more armour weapons crafting
What Madness Ore looks like in-game. (Picture: Bethesda)

However, the chests aren’t guaranteed to contain Madness Ore in them. For a sure-fire method of acquiring Madness Ore, you can visit Ri’Saad at the Khajiit trade caravan. The trader is only accessible after completing the Saints and Seducers quest, which is one of the new pieces of content introduced by the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim. Players with the Special Edition will also be able to access it. 

When you acquire Madness Ore, you’ll then need to find and kill Evethra, who has some notes on the smithing process of the ore. This NPC can be found north of Mistwatch at a camp. Once you’ve killed her, simply read the journal that’s nearby and you’ll learn how to smith with the Madness Ore. 

You can now make weapons and armour with the ore at any smithing anvil, provided you have the overall smithing level to do so. Madness Ore comes with the Ebony perk in the smithing skill tree, so as long as you have that perk, you can smith with the material. 


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Header image courtesy of Bethesda.