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2GG organisers to take indefinite break from Smash tournaments

From iconic weeklies like Mega Smash Mondays to the larger Saga events, 2GGaming will be sorely missed.
2GG organisers to take indefinite break from Smash tournaments

The struggles of the seemingly never-ending COVID-19 pandemic have forced tournament organisers 2GGaming to go on an "indefinite hiatus," they announced via Twitter

The twitlonger shared by the tournament organisers explains that an unsuspected break from events has made them reflect on their careers. This combined with the ongoing COVID issues, resulted in Final Saga, their upcoming most ambitious project, being postponed indefinitely. 

2gg announcement
2GG's announcement. (Picture: 2GGaming)

"With the uncertainty and the constant changes in mandates for in-person events, we feel it is best to cancel Final Saga indefinitely. We see no reasonable time frame where we can host this event safely and to the standard we wanted it to be. With no realistic guideline to return to our pre-covid normal, we have decided this is the best course of action for us at this time."

2GGaming has become a staple of the Smash community for the past decade, putting together some of the best tournaments the scene has ever seen in games like Smash 4, Ultimate, and Melee.

Both helping their local SoCal scene with iconic weeklies like Mega Smash Mondays (MSM), which also played host to some of the best players in the world whenever a major was held in the area, and the fondly remembered themed Saga events, 2GG won the trust of the entire community rightfully so.

mkleo kongo
MkLeo won Kongo Saga, the last 2GG major. (Picture: 2GGaming)

Important figures within the Smash community like Leonardo "MkLeo" López, Tyler "Marss" Martins, Phil "EE" Visu, and many more have expressed their gratitude towards 2GGaming following their decision to take a break.

"Ridiculous how under appreciated y’all were by some bandwagon idiots at times but you’ve changed the game with many of your events and really helped me, thank you," commentator EE wrote.

MkLeo, honoured with an event dedicated to him back in 2017 (MkLeo Saga) and winner of the final 2GG tournament in 2019 (Kongo Saga), described them as the "absolute goats. I'll never forget everything you've done for me and the smash community."

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Featured image courtesy of 2GG.