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Cinnpie denies being paedophile, claims prior abuse in Smash scene

The Smash caster went silent after being accused of grooming pro player Puppeh and has reemerged claiming to be the victim of a 40-year-old man in the community.
Cinnpie denies being paedophile, claims prior abuse in Smash scene

Former Smash Bros caster and player Cinnamon "Cinnpie" Dunson has denied the allegations of sexual misconduct and grooming of Troy "Puppeh" Wells, claiming she was the victim of abuse by a 40-year-old man within the community.

In a statement made via social media, Cinnpie, who was accused of grooming Puppeh while he was 14-years-old, stated that she has never "raped anyone".

"I have never forced another person to be in a sexual or romantic relationship with me in any way," Dunson wrote, adding that she didn't consent to any sort of sexual relationship while "drunk, vomiting, and unconscious."

Cinnpie proceeded to mention a 40-year-old man who "lures groups of young competitors" targetting young women with the intention of sexually abusing them.

cinnpie denies rumours
(Picture: Cinnpie)

According to Cinnamon, her lawyer advised not to give more information regarding this new situation that was previously unknown for the majority of the Smash community, as she's looking to settle things in court.

Cinnpie also shared an official statement from the law firm she retained, explaining that "defamatory comments" made against her must stop immediately, issuing a cease and desist notice in the process. 

We'll keep you updated as the story develops.