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Smash pro Nairo returns to streaming, peaks at 25k viewers

The former NRG member is still banned from Twitch, opting for YouTube as his platform of choice to make his long-awaited return following an incident with CaptainZack.
Smash pro Nairo returns to streaming, peaks at 25k viewers

It's been a hard few months for Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada after being accused by Zack "CaptainZack" Lauth of engaging in sexual acts with a minor. Now, after reaching a "legal agreement" disputing Zack's statement, Nairo has finally returned to streaming, doing so on YouTube.

As Nairo had previously mentioned, Twitch has yet to respond to inquires made by the 24-year-old regarding his permanent ban, sparking the #UnbanNairo movement on social media that's still going strong. As a result, Quezada opted for YouTube, with fans' overwhelming positivity making his stream peak at upwards of 25,000 viewers.

Nairo returns to streaming via YouTube

Nairo Youtube stream
(Picture: NRG)

Keeping things simple, Nairo explained that he's still missing things like a starting screen or an overlay as he's easing his way back into streaming after almost 10 months away from content creation.

Still, his six-hour YouTube debut stream was filled with the energy and excitement Nairo is known for, even if the presentation isn't quite there yet. Fans not only showed their support in numbers, but also by donating and becoming members, or rather, Naifus, as Quezada ended up with 2,248 members. 

Nairo confirmed that there is not a schedule set in stone for the foreseeable future, and collaborations with other pro players and content creators might be scarcer due to potential issues with Twitch, as the platform forbids them from interacting with banned users during broadcasts.  

If you want to watch the entire stream, we've embedded the video down below for your convenience.