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Frostbite 2020: Schedule, how to watch and prize pool

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s best players are set to clash at Frostbite 2020, so here’s everything you need to know about the event.
Frostbite 2020: Schedule, how to watch and prize pool

After Genesis 7 saw Tyler “Marss” Martins triumph over Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez, the best players in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will tussle once again at Frostbite 2020.  

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the event, which also features 24-hour gaming stations, side events, along with tournaments in Rivals of Aether. 

It also marks the first major tournament since Byleth’s release into Smash Ultimate, so could the Fire Emblem hero become a competitive staple? Here’s what you need to know about Frostbite 2020.  

When is Frostbite 2020?

Frostbite 2020 takes place across 21-23rd February at Crowne Plaza Detroit Downtown Riverfront in Michigan, US.  

The event is primarily dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, although there’s tournaments in other titles like Rivals Of Aether, Magic: The Gathering, and the Pokémon trading card game.

There's also a new crew battle seeing top players team-up for some chaotic matches, along with the return of Alpharad's Casual Invitational where eight of the best players compete in casual matches with items switched on. 

What is the prize pool? 

The prize pool for the Ultimate Singles tournament stands at $12,800 while the Doubles prize pool is $5,000, although these could increase over the weekend.  

The doubles tournament kicks off the event on Friday, while singles matches take place across Saturday and Sunday.  

What is the schedule for Frostbite 2020?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate frostbite
There's a number of special matches planned at Frostbite 2020 (Picture: Nintendo) 

Friday 21st February 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles 

  • Phase 1 pools – 10am EST/3pm GMT 

  • Top 64 – 2pm EST/7pm GMT 

  • Top 16 – 4pm EST/9pm GMT 

  • Top 6 – 6pm EST/11pm GMT 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Casual Invitational  

  • Last Chance Qualifier pool 1 – 2pm EST/7pm GMT 

  • Casual Invitational – 9pm EST/2am GMT 

Rivals Of Aether Doubles 

  • Phase 1 pools – 10am EST/3pm GMT 

  • Top 8 – 12pm EST/5pm GMT 

Saturday 22nd February 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles 

  • Phase 1 pools – 10am EST/3pm GMT 

  • Phase 2 Top 384 – 6pm EST/11pm GMT 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate crew battle 

  • Crew battle bracket – 10pm EST/3am GMT 

Rivals Of Aether Singles 

  • Phase 1 pools – 10am EST/3pm GMT 

  • Phase 2 Top 24 – 6pm EST/11pm GMT 

  • Phase 2 Top 12 – 8pm EST/1am GMT 

Sunday 23rd February 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles 

  • Top 96 – 11am EST/4pm GMT 

  • Top 24 – 3pm EST/8pm GMT 

  • Top 8 – 6pm EST/11pm GMT 

Rivals Of Aether 

  • Top 8 – 10am EST/3pm GMT 

These times could vary depending on the length of matches. 

Who is expected to win?  

After coming out top at both Overclocked Ultimate IV and Genesis 7 this year, Zero Suit Samus player Marss will be looking to maintain his winning streak at Frostbite 2020.  

After an incredible 2019, MkLeo is a significant rival too – with Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey and Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada also scoring wins in 2020 at Glitch 8 and Let’s Make Big Moves respectively.  

How can I watch Frostbite 2020? 

The official stream for the tournament is on VGBootCamp. You can check out their main channel below for the main events, while other tournaments will be spread across VGBootcamp2 and VGBootCamp3