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Hungrybox apologizes for 'objectifying' latest Smash Ultimate character

The Smash Melee and Ultimate pro took to Twitter to apologize for his "tone-deaf boob and body jokes."
Hungrybox apologizes for 'objectifying' latest Smash Ultimate character

Smash Bros pro Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma has issued an apology via Twitter after his latest YouTube analysis video, which heavily focused on Pyra's physical appearance, a character added in Smash Bros Ultimate's latest DLC.

In a series of Tweets, Hbox claimed that in "tone-deaf fashion" he decided to joke about Pyra's looks by making "a lot of boob/body jokes".

"Given the events in the Smash community from last year and my own history, it should be far more obvious when to know what jokes are and aren't appropriate," Debiedma added, referencing the multiple cases of sexual misconduct that were levelled at personalities in the Smash scene in 2020.

He also pointed out that no content creator should "encourage the objectification of women, even if it's of a video game character."

The backlash against Hungrybox was almost immediate, with the video featuring a thumbnail of Pyra's breasts zoomed in before it was eventually changed. Hours later, the video was set to private, preventing users from watching it.

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(Image: Hungrybox)

Notable members of the Smash community spoke against this type of behaviour. Ultimate pro Jestise "MVD" Negron mentioned that a user was banned from his Twitch stream after objectifying the characters.

"My mom watches my stream, one of my mods/subs is a girl I just want people to be respectful and not say things that could potentially make anybody feel uncomfortable, especially things directed towards women since there are women that tune into my stream."

It remains to be seen if Team Liquid, Hbox's sponsor, will acknowledge the situation. We'll keep you updated.