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Maximilian Dood claims Smash Ultimate is the 'most important' game in FGC history

The popular streamer believes the Nintendo franchise topples all-time greats like Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom.
Maximilian Dood claims Smash Ultimate is the 'most important' game in FGC history

When it comes to fighting games, there are few people more well known and admired as Maximilian Dood. A cornerstone of the fighting games community, Max doesn't shy away from giving his thoughts surrounding the FGC, and his most recent comments around Smash Bros. Ultimate will certainly put smiles on Nintendo fans everywhere.


Maximilian Dood Smash bros ultimate
(Picture: Maximilian Dood)


During his 6th May stream, the Dood talked about the relevance of Smash. Bros, claiming Ultimate, the latest iteration of the franchise, is the biggest and most important title for the FGC in history.



"It's now better than Melee, better than Brawl, better than Smash 4. Right now, Smash Brothers is the absolute limelight of a fighting game community."

Max added an even bigger compliment by stating that Ultimate is "bigger than Super Turbo (Super Street Fighter II Turbo) was, (Street Fighter III) 3rd Strike was, Marvel two (Marvel vs Capcom 2) was."

With this in mind, Max pointed out to fans that they should enjoy this current Smash Bros. craze that's been going on since Ultimate's release in 2018 because we'll most likely never see anything like it.

"You guys are currently residing in Smash mecha. You are in the greatest timeline Smash will ever be in, because the future of Smash is games that will never be able to catch the magic that was Smash Ultimate."



Of course, Max isn't particularly talking about the gameplay, which has been heavily criticized by the pro scene since release, especially the online functionalities, but rather everything around the title that's elevated an entire community thanks to its popularity, to the point it headlined EVO 2019 over Street Fighter V.

From content creation to tournament viewership, Max believes that thanks to Smash "everything is bigger than it ever has been right now."

"The fighting game community was living that with Ultimate Marvel 3, around the 2013-2014 era," he recalled, adding that "Wednesday Night Fights was getting ten to fifteen thousand people watching every single stream when fighting games were at their absolute prime."

Smash Bros. Ultimate is set to be one of the games headlining an online edition of EVO this year, with more information regarded about how the tournament will work still to be determined.