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Nairo could return to pro Smash as organisers hand one-year ban for sexual misconduct with minors

The former Twitch streamer and competitor was only handed a one-year ban by local tournament orgnanisers in the New York Tri-state area.
Nairo could return to pro Smash as organisers hand one-year ban for sexual misconduct with minors

The Smash community went through one of its most transformative periods ever this past July, as several prominent figures within the scene were outed as sexual predators, getting involved with minors in many cases.

One of those instances involved popular streamer and top competitor, Nairoby "Nairo" Quezada, as he confirmed the allegations made by CaptainZack in regards to a sexual encounter when Zack was underage, with Nairo being over 18 years of age at the time of the alleged incident.

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(Photo: NRG Esports)

Nairo apologised, was dropped by his org, NRG, and has yet to be seen creating more content in either his YouTube or Twitch channels. A formal ban was handed down by 2GG gaming, preventing the 23-year-old to compete indefinitely in any events organised by them, however, other tournament organisers were more lenient, opening the door for Nairo's return.

Nairo could return to competitive Smash Ultimate

This past 18th August, leading voices of the New York Tri-state area (which includes the states of New Jersey and Connecticut), one of the most significant regions for the Smash Ultimate scene in North America, posted a document on social media thoroughly detailing their plans moving forward to try and ensure a safe environment for all those interested in forming part of the Smash community.

An attached file within the document includes the list of banned members, with each tournament organiser individually choosing for how long they'd be enforcing these suspensions. Naturally, Nairo is permanently suspended from almost any event in the Tri-state area, however, one T.O opted to only give him a one-year suspension.

The reason for this, according to comments from the official Twitter account, is because they believe in rehabilitation and are choosing not to close the doors on Nairo, and many other players accused of sexual misconduct.

"Just because we have set a limit to our bans, does not mean we will be lifting them at the end. Just reassessed. We would like to help facilitate growth, so we believe keeping avenues open is a step in that direction."

While it's almost impossible for the community to embrace Nairo as it once did, it remains to be seen if the former pro even attempts to make a comeback to the Smash scene in any way, shape, or form.