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Smash Bros to miss Evo due to Nintendo interference

The Evo organisers are set to announce the 2022 lineup but warned Smash fans not to expect either Ultimate or Melee.
Smash Bros to miss Evo due to Nintendo interference

It's a grim time for the Smash competitive community after the Evolution Championship Series organisers announced that the 2022 lineup would not include Ultimate and Melee.

In a statement released on social media, the Evo organisers explained that the 2022 lineup of fighting games showcased at the event would be revealed on 8th March. Still, they warned fans that Smash Bros would be absent in its entirety.

"While we're thankful for all the amazing games joining us later this year in Las Vegas, we want to let you know in advance that Super Smash Bros. will not be making a return appearance," the organisers said.

Why is Smash not at Evo 2022?

The Evo tournament organisers did not give a reason why Smash won't be at the event other than it being a direct decision taken by Nintendo. "We are saddened that Nintendo has chosen not to continue that legacy with us this year," they added.

smash bros evo 2022
Smash Ultimate was the game with the most entrants in 2019. (Picture: Evo)

There are plenty of reasons why Nintendo pulled both Ultimate and Melee from Evo. Firstly, the even's PlayStation-Sony acquisition in 2021 is speculated to have played a significant role.

Another reason is that it could disrupt plans set in motion alongside esports organisation Panda, as Nintendo announced a Smash circuit late in 2021; however, no further information has been shared since.

While it's sad that Smash won't partake in Evo this year, it's worth mentioning that this isn't the only time Nintendo has messed with the competitive community. In 2013, the company tried to shut down the Melee Evo event before backlash forced them to cease hunting.

smash ultimate 2019
Smash has been a staple of Evo for well over a decade. (Picture: Evo)

In 2019, the last time Evo appeared in an offline format, Smash Ultimate had a total of 3534 entrants, making it the most popular game at the event by a landslide. 

Despite missing out on Evo, the Smash community has had plenty of events to enjoy some high-level competition in 2022 already, with more on the way. Ultimate Summit 4 is scheduled to start on 3rd March featuring a $149k+ prize pool. 

As for Evo, all fans can do is wait and see what the lineup will look like and who'll take the closing game spot now that Smash Ultimate is officially out of contention. 


Featured image via Evo.