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Smash pro Fatality robbed in "nightmare" ordeal - community rallies

Famous Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro and Twitch streamer, Fatality, got robbed of his savings at a gas station, spurring on the community to rally in support.
Smash pro Fatality robbed in "nightmare" ordeal - community rallies

In the Super Smash esports community, Griffin "Fatality" Miller is one of the most recognizable names, both as a competitor and a Twitch streamer. Some fans of Fatality might have been wondering why he has been a bit quiet since 4th July 2021. Well, Fatality was living his own personal nightmare, as he was robbed of all his savings. Here's what went down, and how the Smash community rallied in support of Fatality.

Smash pro Fatality robbed - Community rallies

Since 4th July, Fatality has been dealing with the police, banks and a phone company. This is due to the Smash pro being robbed by two individuals during the evening on 3rd July 2021. Fatality was robbed at a gas station on his way back home from a tournament.

Fatality explained on Twitter how his assailants stole his phone, made him unlock it so they could access all his passwords and more. They also forced him to withdraw all his money, and dook his debit card.

Smash pro fatality robbed savings nightmare community hungrybox
(Picture: Fatality / Twitter)

This "nightmare scenario" for the popular Smash pro saw the community rally in support, with hundreds if not thousands of supportive messages.

Responding to the initial tweet from Fatality, the three-time Super Smash Bros. Melee champion Juan Manuel DeBiedma, aka Hungrybox, told Fatality to: "Start a GoFundMe, community has your back. I’ll signal boost."

This outpour of support for the GoFundMe idea grew, and while Fatality decided not to create a GoFundMe page, he did provide an update on the situation and thanked the Smash community for their support.


Fatality savings update & Smash community thanks

In the early hours of the morning on 5th July 2021, Fatality took to Twitter with some great news. 

While his phone is lost for good, and he's already gotten a new one, it also appears he will get most of his savings back. 

Fatality explains on Twitter: "Just woke up from a nap, and from the looks of what I've discussed with my bank, looks like the overwhelming majority of what I've lost I'm getting back (except for my phone, RIP), so I really don't think a GoFundMe or anything like that will be needed at all."

Fatality went on the thank the Smash community for their support and noted how a GoFundMe won't be necessary but he appreciates the sentiment.

Smash Pro fatality robbed robbery savings phone hungrybox smash community
(Picture: Fatality / Twitter)

Despite the nightmare ordeal, it appears everything will be okay for Fatality in the end. However, the most important aspect here is how the Smash community came together, which simply warms the heart. Well done Smash community, well done!

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Header image via Fatality's YouTube.